Dec 01 2013

A Possible Non-Supernatural Quantum Model of Precognition – Part 6

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[Note: This is taken from a research paper I wrote in 2007.  It’s entirely possible that research since then has entirely refuted my interpretations of the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. This piece is being presented “as-is” or, rather, “as-was.”  I am particularly interested in feedback and discussion, as I realize I’m making some ambitious suggestions in this series.]

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Part 6: The Inmost Light

“Light and living matter,” writes Mae-Wan Ho in her book The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms, “have a special relationship (2006, p. 149). Tracking the work of quantum physicist/biophysicist Friz Popp, Ho cites his group’s findings that “organisms emit light at a steady rate from a few photons per cell per day to several hundred photons per organism per second (Ho, 2006, p. 149).” This photon emission is different from bioluminescence (the light emitted by fireflies, for instance), and is universal to all living organisms (p. 150).Popp has determined that “photons are held in a coherent form in the organism (p. 150),” and that

‘Biophotons’ include electromagnetic radiation below the visible range, which would extend all the way through microwave and radio frequencies to the extremely low frequency (ELF) end of the spectrum. Organisms may be emitting the entire electromagnetic range (p. 150).

Two other aspects of the biophoton phenomenon are important to mention. First, as stated above, Ho asserts that the living system appears to be a single coherent photon field intimately linked to living matter (p. 152).

The photon field is maintained farm from thermodynamic equilibrium, and is coherent simultaneously in a whole range of frequencies that are nonetheless coupled together, to give, in effect, a single degree of freedom…the ‘single degree of freedom’ of organisms is a very special one doe to quantum coherence which maximizes both local autonomy and global correlation (p. 152).

The second important aspect of the biophoton field has to do with communication. Ho describes how in emergency situations,

Organisms can mobilize prodigious amounts of energy almost instantaneously…The motor nerve to the muscle conducts at 100 times the speed of the vegetative nerves that are responsible for activating processes leading up to the enhancement of the contractile activity of the muscles required in a crisis… Yet it appears that the muscle actually receives the signals for enhanced coordination long before the signals arrive at the organs responsible for the enhancement of the muscle activity! This suggests that there is a system of communication that sends emergency messages simultaneously to all organs, including those perhaps not directly connected with the nerve network. The speed with which this system operates seems to rule out all conventional mechanisms (pp. 153-154).

To summarize, and to emphasize, messages are being sent and received simultaneously within the body. Simultaneity, or atemporality has been shown to be a standard feature of quantum theory in the form of nonlocality. If the body is taking advantage of quantum nonlocality via this coherent biophoton field, than is it not entirely possible that some of this atemporal communication might manifest as Cramer-style backwards communication in time? If, as Ho suggests, that this happens even faster in crisis situations, then precognitive flashes of disasters such as September 11, or the sinking of the Titanic begin to make sense. This nonlocal/atemporal phenomenon makes sense in terms of quantum entanglement. We may have flashes of our own futures due to the entanglement of our own biophoton fields with the constituent matter of our bodies. In terms of large scale events, (September 11, the Titanic, etc.), the sheer volume of energetic release of hundreds, if not thousands of people may also create greater probability of biophotonic atemporal/nonlocal quantum interaction between people and events who are seemingly unrelated. This is also consistent with Ho’s description of “local autonomy and global correlation.”

 This biophoton field and nonlocal/atemporal communication idea also offers us fascinating discussions into a whole array of other paranormal phenomena – telepathy, crisis apparitions, and subtle bodies, not the least among them. I use this term “paranormal” rather than “supernatural”, as these are entirely “natural” processes.

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  • Ho, M-W. (2006). The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific Publishing.





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