Dec 03 2013

A Possible Non-Supernatural Quantum Model of Precognition – Part 8

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[Note: This is taken from a research paper I wrote in 2007.  It’s entirely possible that research since then has entirely refuted my interpretations of the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. This piece is being presented “as-is” or, rather, “as-was.”  I am particularly interested in feedback and discussion, as I realize I’m making some ambitious suggestions in this series.]

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Part 8: Conclusion

It is interesting to note, that 45 years after Cox’s study, we can review the passenger manifests of the four commercial jetliners involved in the September 11 attacks, and find that they seem unusually empty.


Flight Capacity Manifest % With Hijackers %
AA Flight 11 158 76 48.1 81 51.3
UA Flight 175 166 51 30.7 56 33.7
AA Flight 77 188 53 28.1 58 30.8
UA Flight 93 182 33 18.1 37 20.3
Aggregate 694 213 30.6 232 33.4


Many interpret this data as possibly linked to a conspiracy to “reduce the death toll.”  Conspiracy theories aside, another plausible explanation might be Cox’s “subliminal precognition.”  Without knowing the “usual” passenger counts for these flights and these days, it becomes difficult to ascertain. Yet the numbers, at first glance, do seem low.  Often we speak of intuition, or “having a hunch” in regards to certain courses of action in our lives. Perhaps, in some instances, these are merely examples of Cox’s “subliminal precognition.”

Finally, another reason that the future may be somewhat fluid may result from chaos theory. So far, the instances of apparent precognition I have discussed have involved individuals and collections of individuals, and focused on the effects of such possible foreknowledge specifically on them. Yet chaos theory shows that small scale events can have exponentially significant effects.

If someone, or several people choose a course of action based on precognition (subliminal or otherwise), then events may transpire differently than they would have had this precognition been ignored. At the conference I attended recently, an attendee with a strong scientific background related a story about having had precognitive flashes (and somatic reactions) that he would die if he boarded a certain flight – Pan Am 103. In retrospect, he realized that had he fully understood what he was experiencing, he would have reported a bomb threat to the airline. Pan Am 103’s destruction over Lockerbie, Scotland would have been avoided (and a friend of mine would still be alive). Though this person is sympathetic to the idea of paranormal phenomena, the dominant paradigm still caused him to question the validity of these experiences. While critical thinking is highly (HIGHLY) encouraged, there needs to be a middle ground that examines and allows for the forms of knowing discussed in this paper. Fred Alan Wolf notes that “quite possibly, visionaries are those who successfully marry streams coming from time-distant sources, and people unable to cope with life are those who lack this ability for even the shortest of time differences (Wolf, 2004, p. 158).” While there will always be a spectrum of ability among people in regards to any skill, it is my hope that by considering the possible connections between Cramer’s transactional interpretation of quantum theory, precognition, and biophotons, we can begin to determine whether humanity possesses resources and capabilities that can be further explored an developed, unlocking one of the mysteries of consciousness.

On June 12, 2007, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (an interesting name in light of our discussion), reported that Cramer has so far received $35,000 from private donors to experimentally test his interpretation of quantum theory (Paulson, 2007, ¶4). We are inching closer to a time when we can see if this paper is relevant or merely wishful thinking. Whatever possibility-waves may be emitting back to us from the conclusion of Cramer’s experiments have yet to reveal themselves. Time, as always, will tell.



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