Oct 23 2012

Blessed to Death

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I went last night, as I have so many other nights, to one of these wondrous New Age gatherings. And I don’t think I can take it any more. I get sick. I must escape the torture of being blessed to death during evenings such as this…[U]nderlying all of this beauty lurks a darkness, only thinly veiled by beatific platitudes of sweetness. I call this beast New Age Fundamentalism, a belief that I am right and everyone else is wrong, stupid, or evil; a belief that I represent the forces of light and goodness, while everyone else is duped by the forces of evil…What is so maddening about New Age Fundamentalists is that their judgments and moralizing are hidden behind facades of New Age doctrine, behind smoke screens of “we love everyone” and “we are one” – John Babbs (1991).

I sympathize.

The other day, unbidden on my Facebook feed, an image presented itself to me. A friend of mine had posted a photo of a Buddhist monk meditating by the water, with the a quote from “The Arcturians”.

It was actually something that I agree with.  At least, the first part.

Your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness. Your job is to simply do your work…Sacredly, Secretly, and Silently… and those with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ will respond.

According to this site, the Arcturians are “the most advanced 5th Dimensional beings in this galaxy,” and “they operate under [the] 5th density mostly.” Apparently, they are spying on us.

What bothers me, I suppose, are several things.

“Why’s it gotta be The Arcturians?”  Really, the quote is a good one, and reminiscent in many respects of Matthew 6:1-8 and 16-18. Even the bit about “with eyes to see and ears to hear” is pretty much echoed by Jesus in the New Testament. Is there any reason that this quote HAD to come from some alleged Intergalactic Council of Space Voyeurs?

How many ‘Arcturians’ are there? Do they all speak at once? Like a chorus? Do they take turns? Do they have names?

What does a meditating Buddhist monk have to do with this? I have no idea.

These questions, I think, are not unreasonable.  From experience, however, I know that these questions make people uncomfortable.  It rattles their belief systems too easily. And, I have to ask, if their faith is rattled so easily, is the “new paradigm” so many of them profess to believe in, one worth pursuing, if its followers cannot answer simple questions? My questions aren’t meant to be antagonistic. But too often, they are perceived as such. I actually want to go along for the ride. If you’ve told me something interesting, I want to know more.  I expect and hope that you can tell me more.

Unfortunately, however, that’s usually not the case.





  • Babbs, J. (1991). New Age Fundamentalism. In Zweig, C. and Abrams, J. (Eds.). Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature (pp. 160-161). New York: Jeremy Tarcher




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