Feb 26 2014

both (and)

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René Guénon

René Guénon

“…a desire for simplification…[has] become a distinctive feature of the modern mentality; this desire is so strong that certain philosophers have given way to it in the scientific domain, and have gone to the length of presenting it as a sort of logical ‘pseudo-principle’, in the form of a statement that ‘nature always takes the simplest course… This is a perfectly gratuitous postulate, for there does not seem to be any reason why nature should work in that way and not in any other; many conditions other than simplicity can enter into its workings, and can outweigh simplicity to such an extent that nature seems…often to take a course that is extremely complicated. Indeed, this particular ‘pseudo-principle’ amounts to no more than a wish arising from a sort of ‘mental laziness’: it is desired that things should be as simple as possible, because if they really were so they would be so much the easier to understand…” – René Guénon

on the other hand,

William Adama

William Adama

“People look for complicated answers when something terrible happens. Maybe we were just taken by surprise… and were beaten. Maybe we just have to learn to live with that.” – William Adama



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