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Mar 25 2014

Read A Fucking Book…

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Why are you reading this?

Step away from the computer.  Go read a book.

Still here?  Then let me indulge in the blog equivalent of The Backyardigans* and give you something to read about why you should be reading something else.

Cold, Stark Reality

Cold, Stark Reality

Mashable posted something recently, about a math teacher who punished his unruly class by posting Game of Thrones spoilers. 

At first, I had a laugh at the schadenfreude.  Then I realized there was something fundamentally wrong here.

The teacher had read the books. The class was watching it on TV. The class was upset about the spoilers, but with all due respect, the books are widely available, have been for years, and could have been read by the students at any time.

Yet, they chose not to.  They chose to passively wait to have the story doled out to them in a drastically simplified (though still great – don’t get me wrong, I love the show and the books, but for different reasons) form.

At this point, many may object (my wife among them) that there simply isn’t time to read the books.  True – as a working adult with a 2 year old son and the accompanying responsibilities, my time for reading has become drastically reduced (hence, the near stagnation of the “What I’m Reading” list on the right). I am reading, but where pre-child, I would probably get through a book or two per week, I’m now reduced to 10-20 pages on my lunch breaks at work.

But as a kid? As a high school student (I’m assuming these are high school students)?  I read Lord of the Rings in 4th grade. I read the entire Dune series in high school. There is time for recreational reading when you are younger. And it saddens me that the kids in the article even considered the list of deaths to be spoilers when they could have freely found out this information, on their own, by, say, reading ahead.

Has this thought even occurred to them?

Why not?

I can’t even blame my favorite object of scorn, The No Child Left Behind Act, as it seems to have happened in France.

Seriously.  Stop reading this post, and go read a fucking book.

*The Backyardigans is a children’s show on television, extolling the wonders of playing outdoors and using your imaginations.  Which might be a better idea than sitting on your ass and watching a show about it.

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