May 25 2012

Abandoned To-Do List from 2001

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List of things to re-connect back to my main central hypothesis:

  • Carl Jung’s Theory of the Collective Unconscious, and his metaphysical writings
  • The Tibetan Book Of The Dead
  • The Egyptian Book Of The Dead, including references to various animal-human-hybrid deities
  • Any other mythologies that deal with animal-human-hybrid deities
  • Emmanuel Swedenborg’s writings, especially The Spiritual Diaries, Heaven And Hell and Earths In The Universe
  • Crowley’s discussion of Conversation With The Holy Guardian Angel
  • Crowley’s quote about metaphysical experiences being filtered through the beliefs and prejudices of the experiencer (especially in reference to Swedenborg’s Christian interpretations and A.E. Waite’s restructuring of sundry things).

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