May 29 2012

Adventures on the Seth Lists

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I just unsubbed from two Seth-related mailing lists. I wasn’t posting to them (though I mostly lurk on anymailing lists I’m on), and frankly, the tone was a little too fluffy for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with fluffy, but rather than debating the natures of reality and consciousness, the lists seemed to focus mostly on everybody hugging each other.

Which again, I like hugs as much as the next person, but…..

So. Unsubbed. And just as well. I was getting bombarded with e-mailed hugs that weren’t addressed to me, and it was just getting impossible to read 300 of these a day.

I guess I was expecting something a bit more than:

“Oh, guess what my dog did, that so reminded me of Seth??”

“Oh! That’s so cute!! *HUGS*”

gah. *shudder*

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