May 29 2012

Cold War of Thelema

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by Mosheh Chaiim

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A cleavage separates the Great Esoteric Orders influenced by the Word
of THE BEAST, which is THELEMA.
With the death of Aleister Crowley on 1 Dec, 1947 e.v., 50 plus years
of Cold Warfare has left Thelema in a situation not too dissimilar to
that of warring factions in ancient Rome, whom, had they united in
the Name of a WORD, would have prevented primitive Christianity from
its enslavement to political and statist doctrines; i.e.
Rome “adopted” Christianity. (in the grossest possible,
anthropomorphic, fashion).

We are in a precariously similar situation. While the Thelemic
Social Orders and Lineages play “Cold War”, white-light neo-
Christist, highly uneducated kids are shaping this society through
the Marketers’ Magick of TV, Video, and Computer sensationalism and
Commercialism. Some of the “kids” in this scene eventually become
dissatisfied with the inviting – yet utterly unscientific and
primitive – , feel-good clap-trap, and set to search, like all Magi

So these earnest seekers of Spiritual Evolution are horrified when
they find a true Order – for there is always another true Order with
which much time and energy (which could otherwise go into Initiating
the entire human race .) is BLASPHEMED, i.e. wasted, by constant
bickering, internet attacks, claims of “magickal warfare”, and
pricey, spiritually degrading litigation. Save for the internet,
such Emotional Plagued nonsense has been around as long as Social
Orders of Occult Initiation themselves. One may begin to despair.

But there is hope! For all of the (apparently) dozen or so “Mc
O.T.O.”‘s out there – all working the System, in varying degrees of
success, of the most powerful Initiatic current known to modern wo-
man: that of the Magick of Thelema, the Child of the Magus to mega
qerion (known to the profane as “Aleister Crowley”) – there is
emerging a growing NEED for COOPERATION, in the negative sense of the
term as meaning “leave each other the Hell al-one!” Yet, as this
phase of the Thelemic Cold War thaws out, we can already begin to see
signs of COOPERATION in its positive aspect, namely, pooling of
resources to aid individuals, Lodges, and communities to
revolutionize our common MAGICKAL TECHNOLOGY, and hence, to expedite
the Accomplishment of the Great Work.

In 1992 e.v. , the Holy Order of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (H.O.O.R.), began
initiating, based on the Magickal Technologies of Thelema (as
purified by their link to A.’. A.’. ) – yet, in a radically different
Firstly, H.O.O.R. took the “Just Say No!” approach to Cold-War
dispersion, and took the apparently unique step of NOT claiming to be
another “O.T.O.”. So now, 8 years later, we find the Holy Order of
Ra-Hoor-Khuit breeding future Adepts, while striking a blow to the
dispersion of Thelemic Cold-War. Suddenly, people with dual
membership in H.O.O.R. and an “O.T.O.” are spreading paradigm-shifts
instead of hatred; infecting their new Brethren with enthusiasm for a
melting pot of methodologies, rather than infecting with puerile

The Movement of Thelema is witnessing it’s own inevitable dance into
the technological and historical fact of Internationalism. The
accursed dyad, which manifests CHORONZON through isolationism, cannot
keep up with the free exchange of ideas and techniques that
international economic and technological forces have rendered
obsolete. A New Age is indeed dawning – a New Age of the Child
experiencing the Natural processes of growth and nourishment. Our
Cold-Warrior founders, for all their remarkable achievements, have
also left the Child with some severe psycho-social and magickal
handicaps, such as mistrust, paranoia, rumor-mongering and gossip;
and, most crippling of all, endless (and useless) infantile bickering
and litigation over lineages.

In one way or another – and the Cold War mentality of many readers
will lose their Yama over this sentence – Aleister Crowley, Karl
Germer, Marcelo Motta, Grady McMurtry, William Heidrick, Ray Eales,
Kenneth Grant, Michael Bertiaux, Michael Staley, Robert Anton Wilson,
Peter Carrol, Tabitha and Chick Cicero, David Allen Hulse, David
Bersson, Nema, Jane Wolfe, Israel Regardie, Nancy and James
Wasserman, Eschelman, William Breeze, Joshuah Zintel, Anton LaVey,
Gregory von Seewald, and many another have ALL contributed important
upgrades in helping us to revolutionize Thelemic Magick and systems
of Initiation.

Now, the typical name-calling starts, “But X stabbed Y in the back, S
is a Vatican Agent and P is a Black Brother!”, etc., AD NAUSEUM. We –
however – of the younger generation, the CHILDREN OF THE BEAST 666,
are constantly learning new techniques and ideas from “friends and
enemies” alike – so far as the Cold Warriors would label them. And
this is not to deny the Necessity of Magickal Warfare; but, as von
Clausewitz’ pointed out, Warfare is merely an extension of Politics.
Chuang Tzu tells us that the best War is one where Victory is
attained without the need for direct assault: it is achieved, after
the smoke clears, through diplomacy. When “Magickal Warfare” appears
as a necessity, it is an admission that diplomacy has either failed
or was never given a fair shake. I propose the latter to explain the
otherwise inexcusable factionalist bickering and worse between Orders
who need now (more than ever) to drop all the old baggage (while
maintaining the healthy mistrust that, for practical reasons,
underlies all such diplomacy) and grow the hell up in a hurry. To
what end?


Mind you, there is great danger in these runes, as they say . for
though some groups may truly express the WORD of the Aeon in Action,
others may do so in Theory, or vice versa; some express both, others
neither. It hardly goes to say that anyone who is about to invest
their go-ing in a Magickal Order is most wise to investigate, with a
critical eye, the Order to which they aspire. This CANNOT be done by
filling one’s head with propaganda hurled all over the Thelemic
community, but rather by talking with real people in different
Orders, and judging one’s study of their literature in relation to
the deeds of those real people they seek to learn from. This is a
perilous approach, however, for it is much easier to believe
propaganda about group X, refuse to read the literature of group X,
and expend no mental energy to learn about group X from first-hand
sources. When such an attitude is churned down the throat of the
Aspirant by Order Y, this is the worst kind of Black Magick.

We all have cringed, many atime, in our attempts at contact with the
profane, when we mention the name,”Aleister Crowley”. “He was a
Satanist”, “He was a witch”, “He was a Black Magician”, “He was a
Madman”, etc., we have all heard them say. So we suggest that they
cannot possibly know what they are talking about without reading it
straight from the Horse’s mouth themselves; of course, these people
never read Crowley, nor tried to understand Thelema, themselves. Is
this not despicable? Well, is it not despicable when the Cold
Warrior Thelemites from Order X a priori dismiss Order Y without
reading the writings and investigating firsthand the teachings of
Order Y? Still worse, these Cold War would-be brethren encourage
censorship and avoidance of such “heretical” groups and texts, much
as did the Roman Catholic Heresy.

In short, it is not my purpose here to seek to stamp out such
magickal bigotry in the Cold Warriors . they are, for the most part,
too set in their ways, afraid of change, afraid of life. Rather,
this Manifesto is addressed to those of us just recently coming into
Thelemic Orders or studying the Ultimate Discipline of Thelema. The
Great Work is about intense self-discipline, dedication, study, and
years of hard, painful and ecstatic Work. It is We, the post Cold-
War Children of the Beast, whom History charges with casting off the
prejudices of our forebears, while maintaining their pioneering Spirit.

Because . in case you haven’t noticed, the religions and conventional
moralities of the World have not let up their attacks on us, but
rather continue to foster dispersion in the Thelemic Community by
encouraging ad-hominem, groundless gossip and accusations, thus
keeping the Child stunted in growth. We post Cold-War Thelemites
declare, here and now, an end to the sophomoric and endless settling
of old scores.

Let the Dead bury their Dead. We need not officially recognize Order
X any more than Order Y, but we are perpetuating a needless Cold War
if we shut ourselves off from learning from millions of fellow
Aspirants to Adepthood and beyond.

Given on Dec. 1, 2000 e.v. –

Marking the Beast 53 years to the date of His Greater Feast.

Love is the law, love under will.

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