May 29 2012

Crossing Under, with John Edward

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Papa Lazarou: I sense….someone named George… your dead husband perhaps?

Old Woman: My husband’s name isn’t George.

Papa Lazarou: Well, who’s George then?

Old Woman: I don’t know…

Papa Lazarou: Then why are you talking to him??


or something like that.

A mailing list I’m on, that tends to deal with some consciousness thingies, as well as some paranormal thingies has been debating over the validity of John Edward, and whether or not he actually talks to the dead.

I have real problems with John Edward. His technique is bleedingly obvious, yet he’s still successful because he’s preying on the hopes of people. And that is something I feel very strongly about.

If a “psychic” says to me… “I see something about a car….” this is not proof of any kind of otherworldly communication. I’m sorry. Everybody has “something about a car” in their lives. I had “something about a car” just this morning.

Typical exchange:

Psychic: “I see something about a necklace? Maybe an older relative…..?”

Client: “Why yes! My dead aunt had a diamond necklace!”

Psychic: “Yes! Its your aunt! she wants you to do ______ with the diamond necklace!”


What’s wrong with this picture? eh? hmmm?

The thing is, communication with the dead is possible (trust me on this one). But if Edwards and his kind are actually communicating, then they’re utter shit at it, and have no business making money off their paltry skills. I have never known the dead to play charades.

“First syllable…. sounds like….. necklace….”

(most of my interactions have been much more simple and direct. “Can you hand me the remote? I want to see what’s on TV…” etc.)

Or maybe they do play charades, sometimes. And this is all a joke on people like Edward (if it is, nice one. *grin*). Which again brings me back to my point that he is utter shit, and has no business preying on the hopes and fears of the grieving.

Finally, the mailing list seems to have decided that Edward is the real thing. I would posit that these people have never seen the real thing. The final conclusion on the mailing list wrapped up with:

“Now if I can just contact a deceased relative to give me some insight
on whether my books will get published……”

Dude, who CARES?? Why not take actions yourself to get them published. I’m willing to guess that your dead uncle has no idea whether you’ll get published or not. Get an agent. Shop your books around to different publishers. Hell, make a sigil, and concentrate on that, while you’re at it. Your dead uncle can’t publish your book. Only you can make that happen. If its rejected by a hundred publishing houses, maybe you should look at revising it, or writing another draft. Not wasting your time and money on charlatans who are only going to tell you what you want to hear. If you want to talk to your dead uncle about it, contact him YOURSELF. Get his opinion on your writing technique. Otherwise, don’t bother him. I’m sure he’s got plenty of other things going on, and can’t do anything to “magically” make publishers love you, anyway.


(for more on Edward’s “technique”, check this and this out)

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