Jun 04 2012

First Contact

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I was walking to the coffee shop to study this morning, when I happened to glance into a newspaper box and saw something very interesting. It said the following:

P.O. BOX 3

On August 9, 2004, Jesus, Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, the Angels and the Ascended Masters will be arriving on earth to make FIRST CONTACT, or in Christian parlance, the SECOND COMING. They are coming now because Lucifer and his forces are plotting to explode a dirty bomb in the Chicago area and the Universe will not allow them to destroy this planet.

I realize that it is nigh impossible for you to believe me but I send this message because when they arrive on August 9, 2004, I want you to have already heard if from a friend and hopefully you will be able to contain your own fear. Fear and panic will be the greatest enemy of mankind at this time because it is fear that Lucifer feeds on.

I have been working with the Galactic Federation actively for the past 4 months meting with them on their ships in the Fourth Dimension. When they do make contact with earth I will be representing mankind.

Here is a short history of what has been going on for the past 40 years. There are a million souls on this planet now like myself. Angels who have incarnated specifically for this day to prepare humanity for the shift of earth into the Fifth Dimension where we will experience the long prophesied Golden Age of 2000 years of peace. If you check the Internet with the key words Sananda, Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation you will find thousands of websites explaining the situation. One of the best is Sananda’s Eagles in Sedona, Arizona.

It should be obvious to most Christians that Lucifer has been in control of this planet for a long time – 300,000 years in fact. And for that time Earth has been under quarantine from the rest of the Universe which is why humanity is not aware that there are a million other worlds out in the Universe with sentient beings living on them.

Yours with the utmost love,
Lynett Durgin

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