May 31 2012

Grad School (part 11)

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I was talking to Michael, today, who I’d sort of befriended last quarter in a class. He works at the university, and used to be a tarot reader on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley for many years. He’s also started the program program this quarter, and was talking to me about how frustrated he was with one of his classes.

His professor seems to believe that there is no “consciousness” per se, and that our awareness is a fluke, or there’s a “mechanistic” cause for it, that hasn’t been discovered, and to prove his point, he’ll walk into a wall to illustrate that things are, in fact, solid (though we all know that you can go through things, but have to watch out for the Red Lectroids from Planet 10, but I digress).

Anyway, Michael and his professor have been sparring a bit about this, and the professor basically put his foot down, saying “consciousness doesn’t exist. nobody has devised any kind of device to measure it, and therefore, since it can’t be measured, there is none.”

And almost without thinking, because I’m so FUCKING TIRED, I said to Michael, “Well, we’re the device that measures consciousness, obviously. It’s measured through us.”

And then what I said sank in, and it became a really interesting way of looking at things.

One I will have to ponder in depth when I’m a little less knackered.

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