Jun 04 2012

Grad School (part 18)

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The wonderful/horrible thing (and it is a two-edged sword) about Consciousness Studies, is that it is basically an interdisciplinary field. Trying to describe it to people, I usually ratlle off a whole list of things that it includes: biology, physics, psychology, spirituality, religion, anthropology, philosophy, etc.

But the more I think about it, it seems to include practically everything.

Or, it can.

I am curious about the fabric of reality. The Classical Model of physics only goes so far. Quantum Physics goes further. I never was much for Systems Theory, but I realize it holds a piece to the puzzle. My physics professor from last summer teaches a course in Systems Theory as well, and after sitting in on one of the sessions last week, I’ve decided I’m going to audit it at some point. I also want to audit his class on DNA, as I think DNA has some really interesting potentials for anchoring consciousness into the body. Something to do with junk codons, crystalline structure, and biophotons.

I’m interested in learning more about Cognitive Linguistics. If the little bit I read about it today is even a hint of what else may be in there, there may be some stuff in there I can extrapolate outwards, or at least use as illustrative examples for figuring out What’s-Going-On, and How-This-All-Works.

I want to delve further into Cymatics.

The stuff I’m reading on the side about esoteric Islam is also providing me with some rather rich material as well. I want to learn Arabic at some point, so I can read this stuff in the original language.

I want to delve further into the idea of memes. Are viruses conscious? Surely they have some capacity for something, even though they seem little more than bits of raw genetic code? What then of memes? Where do memes reside? Are theyconscious?

At times, it’s all stupendously ovewhelming. The more I learn, the more I feel I have yet to learn.

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