Jun 12 2012

Grad School (part 21)

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I met up with a classmate last night for beer. He was telling me a story about a guy he’d had in one of his classes who was a bit of an oddball (yes, hard to believe that there are weird folks in this field, I know). From what he was telling me, this guy wanted to pass around David Icke literature at the beginning of one of the classes, about how the Space Reptiles are secretly running the world. In addition, he’d heard a bit about Bohemian Grove, and was ranting about the sacrifices to the Owl God. Personally, I find the whole Bohemian Grove thing harmless and amusing more than anything else. Unfortunately, the professor let slip that his father had attended one of the “events” there, and this guy completely wigged out, and wouldn’t stop interrogating the professor for the entire evening, taunting him about the Owl God, and all sorts of other crap. It took a bit for the professor to regain control of the class, apparently.

This was a dream studies class. So, conversation sometimes turns towards the sexual, but hey – we’re all adults, right? Maybe not. This guy apparently also nearly went ballistic if anyone tried to bring sexuality into the discussion of dreams, claiming the discussion was “threatening his purity”, and then he mentioned something about “wearing special underwear when he sleeps to prevent himself from accidentally masturbating.”

“Accidentally masturbating.”

I confess I laughed when I heard this bit. All I could think of was the old Dan Savage “How’d That Happen?!” bit. So, yeah.

I realized, I’d met this guy at the retreat I’d gone to last Fall, at Mount Madonna. He’d shown up late, and in talking to him, he struck me as a little odd. One of those possibly brilliant types with social skills firmly set at zero. He’d said something condescending to me, because I wasn’t taking 6 classes per quarter like he was, and I just let it slide. It wasn’t worth my time or effort. He did do a really amazing bit at the open mic night. Rhythm track on a tape deck, and he started rapping in Sanskrit, as I recall.

My friend I was drinking with said he hasn’t seen the guy in 6 months, and thought he might have dropped out.

I’m wondering if the mothership came back for him.

Unless maybe the Space Reptiles got to him first.

The Owl God is hungry.

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