May 30 2012

Grad School (part 5)

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In doing my reading for my psych. class tonight (tonight’s topic – transpersonal psychology), I found this passage in our reader, that I rather liked, and that reminded me of other things, as well.

From Psychotherapy And Spirituality: Toward A Theory Of The Soul, by David Elkins:

To know the soul, we must lay aside our rational ways of knowing and open ourselves to the world of reverence, feeling, and imagination – the world of the I-Thou encounter, imagery, poetry, art, ritual, ceremony, and symbol. We meet the soul when we are stirred by a person or music, moved by a poem, struck by a painting, or touched by a ceremony or symbol. Soul is the empathic resonance that vibrates within us at such moments. She is the catch of the breath, the awe in the heart, the lump in the throat, the tear in the eye. These are the signs of the soul, the markers of her presence that let us know we have touched her or she has touched us.

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