May 30 2012

Grad School (part 9)

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From my notes tonight:

Paradigm: from the Greek, paradeigma meaning pattern, form, model. Rules or regulations that describe boundaries and how to be successful within; Shared set of assumptions, community affirmation of truth as survival instinct; the way we perceive the world, explains the world to us, predicts world’s behaviour.

We spoke of visionaries, as those who attempt to break paradigms. And while I will not even for a moment claim to be a visionary, I have a primal urge to break through this reality and find what’s underneath. But suppose I succeed. Suppose I find the answers I’m looking for (which ultimately, I don’t think any of us ever do, we just find a model that we’re comfortable with). What then? I can write, I suppose. I tried looking at probabilities the other night, and followed a progression through a quantum reality where I saw that I had the potential to create a cult.

I’m not interested in being a charismatic leader, though.

And maybe it really is all about love. Only we don’t know what that is anymore. We think we do, but we’ve only been sold a product. I used to think that’s all it was, a delusion, a product. Its diluted form has been repackaged to us to prevent us from learning the real power behind it.

Because once you understand its power, everything else is meaningless.

Everything else is exposed as distraction.

Love is the Law. Love under Will.

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