Jun 12 2012

Holistic Backlash

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Last night, I was unusually social.

I went to a party in S.F. that a classmate was having. At one point in the evening, I got on the topic of going through another round of “holistic backlash.”

This actually started last quarter, when I was feeling slightly blessed-to-death. I’m all about the Integral, all about the Holism, all about the Transpersonal, but sometimes… sometimes… I wish it wasn’t all so damn touchy-feely/lovey-dovey. I take my studies very seriously, and despite what a fellow student once said in a class (“I believe that any act performed from the heart is inherently good.”), I don’t believe that the universe and reality are inherently touchy-feely/lovey-dovey. I’m sure George Bush thinks most of his actions are “compassionate” and “from the heart”, but I can’t say I find many of them inherently good.

As much as I love the Dream Studies courses I’m taking, too often I’m hearing people interpreting dreams to be about “transformation” and “wholeness”, even if it’s a rather vivid nightmare. Not every dream is about this. If they were, what would be the point of studying them?

I want to know what nightmares are. I want to understand nightmare-space, as well as dream-space. I can’t blindly accept that nightmares mask an underlying “transformation” (oh, how I’m sick of that word). I’m not finding a whole lot of literature on nightmares. I want to know more about them. I don’t think they’re a sign of pathology, but I don’t think they’re a sign of “transformative healing” (*gag*)

Why the fuck does everything have to be about “healing”?

If we begin to assume that everyone needs “healing”, or “transformation”, are we running the risk of assuming a kind of holistic “original sin” and “fall” that somehow needs “correcting”?

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