May 29 2012

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Every now and then, I get almost blinding flashes, followed by mental connections to everything at once. Sounds weird, and I’m sorry. Its the only way I can describe it. Sometimes, I’m able to express bits of it on paper. The following was just hastily scrawled onto a series of post-its. I can’t vouch for how much sense any of this makes, but I know what I’m talking about.


Cyberspace is the first “practical” etheric plane people can concretely encounter, and work within. Information and data are stored over a network. A little here, a little there, spread out over thinking machines spread far apart, yet connected.

Apply this to humanity, or Life. We all carry information, we are all “thinking machines.” We are all connected, both via Jung’s collective unconscious, or on a much more base-level, by Bohm’s theory of non-locality. We are all connected, yet the wires are invisible to us. No one computer on a network knows the overall purpose of the network. It only does what it knows how to do. Store information, and compute equations. Yet all must co-operate, and interact with other computers on the network in order for the network to function.

People are the same.

Computers and people in an endless loop-game of “Hello. Yes. Hello. Yes.”

As above, so below.

This creation of computer networking / cyberspace, is a holographic self-replication of ourselves, and our reality. Our uber-reality. Just as the Kabbalistic tree of life (which almost looks like a networking diagram, itself), replicates infinitely on its various levels, so does reality. Each level its own mathematical aleph (see Georg Cantor, for an explanation of aleph) on an omniversal mandelbrot set. We’ve added another layer. Cyberspace. We’ve added another layer below that. The individual computer. We’ve added layers below that. As stated, information is stored across a network. On each individual computer, information can be stored in databases. Relational databases distribute that information even further “across” several tables. Each table contains several fields. Each field contains data. Data which is broken down in bytes, which are broken down in bits, which are distributed across potentially several hard drives (in a network server “stripe” configuration), which fragment this data across each of the hard drives (which is why we “defrag” hard drives, to consolidate and make access to information faster and more reliable).

“God made us in his image.”

“There is no God, but man.” -A.C.

We create.

We have created / duplicated / replicated reality in the form of computer network. As database. As hard drive. In a hologram, each fragment of the hologram contains enough information to re-construct the entire hologram. In the kabbalah, each level of reality on the tree of life contains its own tree of life. In a network server using a stripe configuration of hard drives, each hard drive contains enough information to reconstruct the entire set of data stored on all the hard drives (should one fail).

We’ve heard recently a quote from the Koran, along the lines of: “If you kill one person, you kill all of humanity.”

The poet, John Donne, once stated the same thing.

I’m sure its been done, but does anyone have any experience setting up a computer network configured as kabbalistic tree of life? I’d be curious to know if any weirdness has transpired from such a configuration.

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