May 30 2012


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Levogyre is descriptive of a counter-clockwise spiral. Paul Laffoley had done a diagram for a device he calls The Levogyre, and I think that is where the infection into my brain started. True to its nature “Levogyre” has been spiralling in my head for about three days now.

Then last night, It exploded outwards, supernova-ed outwards, planting its seeds into each of my brain cells.

Or, at least, that’s how it felt.

I can’t begin to describe the connections, but here’s some highlights, and some interesting bits:

A spiral is illustrative of the mathematical number Phi, or “The Golden Mean”. Phi, is like the number Pi, an irrational number. Phi works out to about 1.618.

(Also, if I recall correctly, in a pentagram, the ratio of the short side of where a line has been intersected to the long side of where it has been intersected also works out to Phi)

The Fibonacci Series of numbers also more or less works out to Phi. The Fibonacci Series works something like this:


Where, each number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers.

(more info on The Golden Mean and Phi can be found here).

I grabbed my favorite Qabalah resource off the shelf last night, and opened randomly to this page:

(when in the throes of one of these things, I usually grab a book off a shelf, and open it to a random page to find what I need. This is also more or less what happened with my Enochian IADNAH tattoo)

YODYod is a flame. Blow upon it and you create all the other letters of the alphabet. Yod is my favorite Hebrew Letter because it is so simple. It is the perfect pattern of primal creation – a point extending to become the whirling motion. It is Phi, the seed of the Golden Spiral; the mystic “G” in your grandfather’s Masonic ring; the Yin and Yang; the human embryo; the blueprint of the ram’s hor and the nautilus; the swirling cream in your coffee, and the billowing dynamics of smoke and air and water. It sets the pattern for our fingerprints, our DNA and the shape of great galaxies. It is the primal male-Shiva divine fire that plunges joyously into the female-Shakti ocean of divine water.”

So, we have the spiral being equivalent to the Hebrew letter Yod, and a tool of creation. Indeed, if you look at any Hebrew letter, you can see Yod safely a part of it.

I hadn’t thought of the Masonic “G” connection, but its blatantly obvious now. And it is also levogyre in nature. Taking the idea of Masonry as construction / creation or even in the ideas of a Great Architect Of The Universe (GAOTU) and The Creation, plus the levogyre spiral that makes up the letter “G” is either a really amusing synchronicity, or has some interesting implications, or both.

But lest this turn into simply metaphysical wanking (which we all know I love to do from time to time), I remind you of this post, dealing with left-hand facing amino acids.

I could probably factor in David Bohm’s idea of “The Implicate Order” into this mess pretty easily too, but I’ll save that for later when I have his books in front of me, and can use the exact parts I’m thinking of.

Okay. So I’ve got the point. Something is being born, or there’s a moment of Creation at hand, via this sudden influx of Levogyre through my head.

But the next question is…what is it?

(I’m not completely mad. Just mostly. For completely mad, check out Cracking The Aiwass Code)

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