May 29 2012

Magecraft Recruitment

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Its people like this who give those of us with an interest in the occult a bad name. I tend to worry when I see sentences such as:

“Apprentices are normally chosen before or by the age of 14, and, at the latest this basic age criteria might be 18/19 for a beginner. The age criteria are relatively important due to the quantity and amount of information, which needs to be handed across and studied. This will include studies into 86 different subjects – other than the occult.”


“Taoist sex practice is an integral part of studies once fully accepted as an Apprentice Mage. Once one commences upon the path of Taoistic sex, it will easily take 35-42 years to complete and to have mastered the 32 points to lovemaking and this is only with regular practice.”

on the same page under their basic tenets. These guys are setting off all kinds of warning bells for me.

“The laws governing all acolytes and mages are VERY strict and there is NO room for transgression. You will get to know what the basic laws are only upon becoming a full-fledged Acolyte. You will only receive the full set of laws when you have become a fully accepted apprentice Mage.”


“Training occurs on a farm in South Africa – the location will only be divulged upon full commencement of training. Training will start on a partly full-time basis lasting 6 months to 3 years before you will be made to make a choice. Then full-time training will commence. You will require about 3-7 years full-time living on the farm, then going out to continue study on part-time basis from outside only to return later to complete the training on full-time basis. The farm is self-sufficient and you will contribute towards its running.

On full acceptance:

If you are not partnered to someone, someone who you have an affinity for will be partnered to you (of the opposite sex) for the sex-magickal practises. Sex-magickal training can last anything from 3-7 years.”

Um, while I don’t know that I’d turn down 3-7 years of sex magick, I know that nobody should be doing that sort of thing at AGE 14.

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