May 29 2012

Midnight Fire

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if I ever get like this, please kill me.

I don’t know why this site reminds me so much of Spinal Tap’s song Stonehenge

(probably the pictures, and the text keeps reading itself in my mind in Nigel Tufnel’s and David St. Hubbins’s voices)

favorite quote so far:

” I took a trip today, a Journey into strange territory. I had been there before, but it wasn’t quite the same this time. I Traveled within and without. Just a few hours there, a few non-spectacular hours on a non-spectacular place, and I’m more then I was. A few moments away from the daily routine and The Hunger is awakened once more.
Nothing special happened, but it doesn’t matter, since everything happened on the inside (as it often does), and I’m more than I was. “

um, yeah.

and if anyone can tell me why there’s a chair, I’d love to know.

don’t people have anything better to do these days?

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