Jun 12 2012

Problems with Dream Studies

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Tuesday night I went to another session with some Dream Studies peeps. Good discussion about Dream Incubation, and such, though one of the people running the thing is getting on my nerves a bit. She’s a lovely person, but seems to be a little too into being Politically Correct at times. One of the people attending related a really intriguing story, about how she’d been involved in a session of rather intense prayer, and at the end of it, her father called her on the phone out of the blue, and told her about how he’d just woken up from a nap, and had had this dream. The dream, it turned out, was about the exact thing she’d been praying about.

PCwoman was impressed, but then almost made me choke when she said that she “didn’t like to use the word ‘telepathy’, because it was ‘too mechanistic’.” (she preferred “resonance” instead)

Yes, Telepathy is now a tool of the Mechanistic Newtonian Cartesian Patriarchy. I can’t wait to sign up for lessons.

Seriously, though, I do worry when language takes precedence over trying to ascertain a situation. I don’t know if the situation itself was “telepathic” or not. I wasn’t there, and measuring such things is obviously tricky. But don’t dismiss a possibility out of hand because a word offends your “enlightened” sensibilities.

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