Jun 04 2012

(Re-)Reading Cerebus

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“…I have no interest in the issue which, here, consumes your attentions. ‘God or Goddess’? Manifestations of both exist all around you ways obvious to even the smallest child…It makes as much sense for you to contemplate the relative merits of complementary natures …to determine which, of the two, is preeminent as it would for a fly on my windowsill to question whether it was better for me to move my bishop or my queen in a game of chess. The only sensible leadership – the only effective leadership – I have found, is leadership by example…to conduct one’s affairs in such a way that a universal imitation of that conduct will bring about a general improvement in the human condition. That, to me, is the sum and substance of wisdom. And so I will leave here…and I bid the three of you to do likewise. Abandon this place of crushing opulence…whose very architecture serves to intimidate and diminish the human spirit that it should embrace…this…place…which has stood as a monument to institutionalized oppression and violence…in the name of transitory and temporal power…since time immemorial. It is…ugly and it is shameful. It..degrades that which it purports to exalt. Open your minds’ eyes but slightly and you will see the truth in my words.” -Suenteus Po

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