May 29 2012

Reading Carroll’s PsyberMagick

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Chapter 26

Heresy VII

Off-White Magick

The phrase Black Magician unfairly applies to anyone who has taken your lover or money by occult means. However, Self-Professed Black Magicians seem universally unable to fight, fuck, or even buy their way out of wet paper bags, despite phantasizing constantly about becoming powerful psychopaths. The high point in a career of ultimate evil – getting badly scratched whilst failing to strangle a cat, ha! ha! ha!

Those sanctimonious transcendentalists who profess themselves White Magicians never do anything unpleasant without the very best of spiritual reasons, but spend most of their careers casting ineffectual spells at imaginary evils to no effect. An averse pentagram scrawled on their doorsteps as a joke can keep one busy for several years.

Off-White magickians require not spiritual or demonic justification for their acts, and can take your lover or money without leaving you feeling bad about it.

-Peter J. Carroll, PsyberMagick


Chapter 29

Heresy X


I could love it: –
If dolphins had as much intelligence as cats,
And stopped trying to rescue sinking pieces of wood.
If crystals actually did something useful,
Other than grease the wheels of commerce.
If the Goddess had made animals taste less good,
So I didn’t want to eat them.
If astrology could tell me anything,
Other than the trite and the obvious.
If whales could do something more impressive,
Than merely occupy a lot of space.
If corn circles came from enlightened aliens,
Rather than Wiltshire pranksters on cider.
If channellers could speak in hieroglyphics,
Instead of pop-psychological twaddle.
If sharing, caring, non-sexist men,
Could do anything useful in a crisis.

-Peter J. Carroll, PsyberMagick

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