May 29 2012

Reading DuQuette’s My Life with the Spirits (part 2)

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“I read through the texts several times and came to the conclusion that I would understand the material better if I constructed the various pieces of Enochian equipmanet. These consist primarily of four Elemental Tablets, one each for Fire, Water, Air and Earth, and one smaller Tablet of Union (or Spirit Tablet). Each Elemental Tablet is composed of 156 truncated pyramids. Each pyramid (or square) is lettered on top and each of the four sides is colored to represent an element, planet, or zodiacal sign.

“Each pyramidal square is home to an angel or spirit whose characteristics are determined by the specific elemental mix as indicated by the colors on its sides. The letter on the top of the pyramid is the angel’s name (or a letter in the name of a larger angel).

“For example: if a pyramid lettered ‘A’ is colored yellow (Air) on two sides and blue (Water) on the two other sides, it houses an elemental being named ‘A’ whose character and scope of intelligence is defined by (and limited exclusively to) the elemental ‘natures’ of Air and Water…Obviously, such an elemental spirit would have a very narrow range of duties in the universe. On the material plane, these duties might regulate the behavior of clouds or mists. In the human psyche they may play a specific part in the dynamics of our emotional life.

“Then let’s say that right next to angel ‘A’ lives angel ‘B’ who is half Earth (black or green) and half fire (red). Angel ‘B’ would naturally have drastically different characteristics than angel ‘A’…

“Keeping this in mind we see that each Enochian Elemental Tablet has, first of all, 156 angels with one-letter names, and very specific attributes and responsibilities in the universe. However, we do not stop here. Enochian elemental spirits are modular. They fit together just like the elements fit together in infinite combinations and ratios to create the phenomenal universe. Angel ‘A’ can join with its neighbor angel ‘B’ to create angel ‘AB’ whose characteristics are more complex than either ‘A’ or ‘B’ alone. Angel ‘AB’ in turn can join with other squares to form bigger and even more intricate beings, etc.”

uh…. Object-Oriented Programming, anyone?

(or at the very least, Voltron or any number of giant Japanese robots assembled from smaller robots and/or vehicles)

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