May 29 2012

Reading Gysin’s The Process

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“It’s so simple, it sounds almost simpleminded but ‘Hello Yes Hello’ is the ineluctable law of all verbal communication which most people fumble just as your Moroccan did with me on the phone, tonight: ‘Halloo Yass Halloo!’…he said it so loud and so often he couldn’t hear one single word I was saying. Just think how often that happens! Haven’t you ever noticed how often the people you talk to don’t even hear a word that you’re saying…reallyhear you: take it in? People just rattle on about themselves like squirrels in a cage…and you know it. Most people communicate very imperfectly and some not at all…like my first husband, Peter Paul Strangleblood. How do you get them into communication? Well, its so simple, it’s almost…sinister! No…I’m only joking. You do it like this:

First, I say to you, ‘Hello’…that’s to initiate this particular communication. What I do is I offer to communicate.

Now, you must answer back to me: ‘Yes’…a signal which shows you’ve accepted my offer. This move…in our discipline, Hassan…constitutes the first half of a Link.

Then, you say back to me: ‘Hello’…to show me you are willing to communicate…to go on communicating with me.

Therefore, I accept your fine offer very positively with: ‘Yes.” The First Link, Hassan, has been made in a chain a lot longer than from here into any next week. All Eastern philosophies are hung up on the Word…’In the Beginning was the Word.’ Well…I’ll tell you the Word, Emperor Hassan! The Word which created the world is Hello!”
-Brion Gysin, THE PROCESS pp. 227-228.

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