May 29 2012

Reading LaVey’s Satanic Bible

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“Many people who walk the earth practice the fine art of making others feel responsible and even indebted to them, without cause…Psychic vampires are individuals who drain others of their vital energy. This type of person can be found in all avenues of society. They fill no useful purpose in our lives, and are neither love objects nor true friends. Yet we feel responsible to the psychic vampire without knowing why.

“If you think you may be the victim of such a person, there are a few simple rules which will help you form a decision. Is there a person you often call or visit, even though you really don’t want to, because you know you will feel guilty if you don’t? Or, do you find yourself constantly doing favors for one who does’t come forward and ask, but hints? …They simply let their wishes be known in subtle ways which will prevent them from being considered pests…

“Their sins are not of comission, but of omission. It’s what they don’t say, not what they do say, that makes you feel you must account to them. They are much too crafty to make overt demands upon you, because they know you would resent it, and would have a tangible and legitimate reason for denying them.

“A large percentage of these people have special ‘attributes’ which make their dependence upon you more feasible and much more effective. Many psychic vampires are invalids (or pretend to be) or are ‘mentally or emotionally disturbed.’ Others might feign ignorance or incompetence so you will, out of pity – or more often, exasperation – do things for them.

“You are…being vampirized if you are incessantly called upon or expected to do favors for someone who, when you need a favor, always happens to have other ‘pressing obligations.’

“Many psychic vampires will give you material things for the express purpose of making you feel you owe them something in return, thereby binding you to them. The difference between your giving, and theirs, is that your return payment must come in a non-material form. They want you to feel obligated to them, and would be very disappointed and even resentful if you attempted to repay them with material objects. In essence, you have ‘sold your soul’ to them, and they’ll constantly remind you of your duty to them, by not reminding you.

“There are times…when the psychic vampire will not release his hold so easily, and will do everything possible to torment you…Their ‘adulation’ and dependence upon you may, at first, be very flattering, and their material gifts very attractive, but you will eventually find yourself paying for them many times over.

“…Each person must decide for himself what his obligations are to his respective friends, family, and community. Before donating his time and money to those outside his immediate family and close circle of friends, he must decide what he can afford , without depriving those closest to him. He must carefully evaluate the validity of the request and the personality or motives of the person asking it of him.”
-excerpted from The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey

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