Jun 04 2012

Reading Ouspensky’s New Model of the Universe (part 3)

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“In almost every place I came to, and even during the journey, I met people who were interested in the same ideas that interested me, who spoke the same language I spoke, people between whom and myself there was instantly set up an entirely distinctive understanding. How far this special understanding would lead, of course I was unable to say at the time, but in the conditions and with the material of ideas I then possessed, even such understanding seemed almost miraculous. Some of these people knew one another, others, did not. And I felt that I was establishing a link between them, was, as it were, stretching out a thread which, accoding to the original plan of my journey, should go round the world. There was something which drew me and which was full of significance in these encounters…And the more people I met, the more this side of my journey took hold of me. It was as though there grew out of it some secret society, having no name, no form, no conventional laws, but closely connected by community of ideas and language…

“In connection with these thoughts I again came to the necessity of putting in order and arranging systematically that which among the whole of our knowledge leads to ‘new facts.’ And I decided that after my return I would resume the abandoned work on my book, but with new aims and new intentions.

“…But I was not expecting what actually met me.

“The first word I heard on landing was: war.

“There began then strange muddled days. Everything was thrown into confusion…A new cycle was beginning. And it was as yet impossible to say what it would be like and to what it would lead…

“There remained only what I had established for myself. Nobody could take that from me. And it alone could lead me further.”

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