May 25 2012

Reading Strassman’s DMT: The Spirit Molecule (part 2)

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This is what I was looking for, and a conclusion I was silently reaching for in last night’s post. I wasn’t going to voice it, but its always nice when an author gets to a point that you’ve already reached.

Remember the bit about gender definition and pineal emergence at 49 days? According to The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, it takes 49 days for a soul to reincarnate. Strassman freely admits that the next bit is somewhat “logically shaky”, but lets take a look at it.

(again, from DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, M.D., pp 82-83)

How might the anatomical emergence of the pineal and the reproductive organs forty-nine days after conception involve the spiritual or life force?

As we die, if near-death experiences are any indication, there is a profound shift in consciousness away from identification with the body. Pineal DMT makes available those particular non-embodied contents of consciousness. All the factors previously described combine for one final burst of DMT production: catecholamine release; decreased breakdown and increased formation of DMT; reduced anti-DMT; and decomposing pineal tissue. Therefore, it may be that the pineal is the most active organ in the body at the time of death. Might we say that the life-force therefore exits the body through the pineal?

[This would be a good point to crack open your copy of The Tibetan Book Of The Dead]

The consequence of this flood of DMT upon our dying brain-based mind is a pulling back of veils formally hiding what Tibetan Buddhists call the bardo, or intermediary states between this life and the next. DMT opens our inner senses to these betwixt states with their myriad visions, thoughts, sounds, and feelings. As the body becomes totally inert, consciousness has completely left the body and now exists as a field among many fields of manifest things.

[This would be a good time to review Bohm’s idea of the implicate order, and the ideas about consciousness moving to a different level of frequency, ala Kenneth Ring and Joel Whitton, as outlined in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot]

The spirit molecule has outlived its usefulness as a scout for these realms. It has led us to the other shore, and we are on our own. During the next forty-nine days, we use our will, or intent, to process our unique life’s signature, the accumulated experiences, memories, habits, tendencies, and feelings of the life that has ended. This consciousness contending with our personal histories, where complete, results in a joining of those fields with ambient ones….What is left over settles onto the next physical life-form that seems most appropriate for subsequent processing of unresolved issues…In the case of human beings, these unmetabolized tendencies, this unfinished business, can enter the fetus only when it is “ready.” This readiness may require forty-nine days, too, and may take the form of a pineal gland able to synthesize DMT. The pineal could act as an antenna or lightning rod for the soul. And sexual differentiation into male or female, occurring at exactly the same moment, provides the biological framework through which the life-force now may assert itself.

The movement of this energy, the residual life-force of the past into the present, through the pineal and into the fetus, might be the first and most primordial DMT flash. This is the dawning of consciousness, of mind, of awareness as a distinct biological and sexual entity. The blinding light of pineal DMT, secreted within the developing brain marks the passage through this threshold.

I think the only thing I disagree with, is the idea of spending “only” 49 days in the bardo. If one chooses to return, however, from the meta-conscious state (to borrow a phrase from Joel Whitton) then I would agree with the idea of not being able to join one’s “next body” until it is properly ready at the 49th day, when the pineal gland has appeared.

Also, keep in mind, that 49 days is of course, approximate. Your mileage may vary.

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