May 30 2012

Reading the Seth Material (part 12)

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“There are many kinds of mass or shared dreams. For now, we will be concerned with mass dreams that have an almost universal nature; that is, dreams that are shared at one time or another by the majority of living persons on your planet.

This particular kind of dream is concerned with working out certain problems concerning physical reality. The dreams usually are not precognitive, although they might appear to be, since many of the dream events will later occur. They are not precognitive, however, because in large measure they bring about or cause later events.

They occur, comparitively speaking, just above the layer which Jung refers to as the collective unconcsious. If you could tune into these dreams, you would have a good idea of the main events of the future because you would see them being born. They are concerned with significant events that affect many countries. They represent deep intents, wishes, and purposes. At times they have immense power to bring about world-shaking changes of beneficial or destructive nature

One individual is more important than you have ever dreamed, however, for the intensity and intent are important. One man passionately willing good or evil can overbalance literally a hundred men. And in the dream state, also, leaders can be born and make themselves known. The people already know them in mass dreams before they are recognized in physical reality.” -Seth, excerpted from Session 253

(SETH: Dreams And Projection Of Consciousness, pp. 278-279)

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