May 29 2012

Reading the Seth Material (part 6)

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Your Dreaming Psyche Is Awake

“You have hypnotized yourselves so that it seems to you that there are great divisions between your waking and your sleeping exerience. Yet each of you will fall asleep tonight, and you will have experiences that you forget only because you have been told that you cannot remember them. Many of the other dimensions of your own reality appear clearly when you are sleeping, however. When you sleep, you forget all definitions that you have placed upon yourself and your own existence through training. In sleep you use images and languages in their pure form.

“In the dream state, languages and images are wedded in a way that seems alien only because you have forgotten their great alliance. Initially, language was meant to express and release, not to define and limit. So when you dream, images and language merge often, so that each becomes an expression of the other and each fulfulls the other. The inner connections between each are practically used.

“When you awaken, you try to squeeze the psyche’s language into terms of definition. You imagine that language and images are two different things, so you try to ‘put them together.” In dreams, however, you use the true ancient language of your being.”

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