May 29 2012

Reading Watkins’ Conversations with Seth (part 1)

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From Conversations With Seth, by Susan Watkins (pp 191-192)

As Seth finished his assurance that we in the physical universe “are not left alone or abandoned,” Jane paused in trance, stilled Seth’s exuberant gestures, and began speaking in the high, distinct voice of Seth II: “You do not understand multidimensional personality structures,” it said. “This does not mean that they do not exist. It is true that our reality cannot be translated in your emotional terms. Emotions, as you know them, represent but the smallest glimmerings of our reality.” Jane paused again, as though waiting for some vast distance to be breached. “We have always watched,” the voice said, more softly than ever. “We are the watchers and the protectors-and you have never been alone. We tend you carefully as a gardener tends his beloved plants. We are concerned with your growth and nourishment.

“There are developments within your own identities with which you are not presently aware…you are indeed learning to be creators, and you are already, in your terms, creators.

“And by the products of your creations shall you learn to see yourselves and know what you are. And through the mirror of physical reality do you see materialized the inner selves. And through your creations shall you realize your abilities and responsibilities, even as we.”

With that, Jane was speaking for the old familiar Seth: “You are, I hope, in the midst of a garden of consciousness. And as a flower blooms, so are you made to bloom. And as a flower is supposed to flower, so are you meant to flower. You cannot see the garden, although you are in it, but there are emanations that are invisible to you. And I would be very happy if I were you, that there was someone around to keep order and to keep an eye on things and to take care of your spiritual nourishment when you had forgotten what the spirit was.”

Florence MacIntyre, who had been quietly sipping wine up to this point, wrinkled her nose in disgust. “I certainly don’t seemyself as any old flower,” she said. “I’d hate to have to depend on somebody else watering me!”

Seth turned to Florence with mock severity. “You see yourselves in physical form, and the analogy of plants upsets you…because you consider yourselves above a plant, and do not realize what a fine consciousness they possess,” he said. “And yet, as a gardener sometimes at night walks through his garden and observes his plants, and gives added fertilizer to some, and waters others, and arranges others so that they get more sun – your own entity walks through your soul and whispers instructions. And it would do you all well to listen!”

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