May 30 2012

Reading Wilber’s Spectrum of Consciousness

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Hence seeking after Mind inevitably backfires, and for reasons that should now be obvious – for one, seeking implies searching or reaching out for an object, something “out there” that we can grasp, be it a spiritual or material opbject, yet Mind is not an object. Whatever you can think about, perceive, or grasp objectively is never, was never, will never be that Absolute Subjectivity that is the Thinker, Perceiver, and Grasper. For another, seeking implies a present lack, yet…right now we lack nothing, and it is only our anxious an misguided seeking that instills in us the apparent sense of lack, so that the more we seek the more acutely we feel this supposed lack, and because we will never never find It that way, aftre a while we become chronically panic-striken, and so re-double our efforts, pulling tighter on the knot around our own throat. Adn for yet another, seeking is based on the implicit belief that if we do not have salvation today we can surely get it tomorrow, yet Mind knows no tomorrow, no time, no past nor future, so that in running after It in some imagined future we are only running away from It Now, for Mind exists nowhere but in this timeless Moment. As always, those who seek to save their souls will surely lose them.

The problem, then, is that the object of our search and the seeker of that object are actually one and the same, so that each of us has his head pursuing his own tail, as in the case of the beguiled snake Ouroboros…

Put simply, what we are looking for is none other than the Looker. And just because of that, It can never be known as an object, searched for as an object, seen as an object. It is the Knower, the Searcher, the Seer.

Thou couldst not see the seer of sight, thou couldst not hear the hearer of hearing, nor perceive the perceiver of perception, nor the know the knower of knowledge. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, III. 4.2)

-Ken Wilber, The Spectrum Of Consciousness, p. 290

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