Jun 04 2012

Reading Wilson’s Shower of Stars: The Intiatic Dream in Sufism and Taoism

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“the soul resides within one’s heart, and the functions of the heart are dictated by one’s brain. When one falls asleep, his soul becomes like an extended ray of light, or like a sun, where he can see what the angel of dreams reveals to him through the effulgent light of his Lord. When one’s senses come to wakefulness, it is as though a cloud has come to cover the sunlight. When one wakes up, he may remember through his soul what the angel of dreams has showed him.” –Shaikh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi, Ta’atir-ul Anam.

“Dreams are neither ‘objective’ nor ‘subjective’, but rather constitute the place on which these opposites coincide.” –Peter Lamborn Wilson

“The truth of affairs is that you should say concerning everything that you see or perceive through whatever faculty perception takes place ‘He/not He’, just as God said, ‘You did not throw when you threw.’

“You do not doubt in the state of dreaming that the form you see is identical with what it is said to be; and you do not doubt in the interpretation (ta’bir) when you wake up that it was not it. You will not doubt in sound rational consideration that the situation is ‘He/not He.'” -Ibn ‘Arabi

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