Jun 01 2012

Reading Wolf’s The Dreaming Universe

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from The Dreaming Universe by Fred Alan Wolf:

…reality seems so clear to us. It consists of the things we see and feel with our senses. Speaking for each of us, if it’s real, I can see it, I can taste it, I can hear it, I can smell it, I can touch it. I may not want to do any of the above, but nevertheless my senses are my means by which I ascertain reality.

What if something appears to us and only engages one of the above senses? For example, you suddenly taste something. Since you haven’t eaten an apple, and yet you taste it, you would probably dismiss the taste as imaginary, a memory or hallucination. The same would be true for any other sense experince if that experience was singular. Suppose that tow of the above senses were involved. Then what? Did the experience indicate that the object of the senses had objective reality to the sensor? How many senses do we need before we put a sensed object into the “reality” camp?

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