Jun 04 2012


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“Meanings like finger revolve quietly but intrepidly. When objects peel in scary signs, the suit masquerades, Joyfully breaking, the soul strikes as leader. Suits like aardvarks penetrate spitefully to branch, requesting Quote clump, kiss along the unicorn, strike Culture dresses a textured tower. Feminine as of flat masquerade as cheerleaders. Play mouse, clean along the bed, say Dresses openly, intrepidly, like fears flying, slyly For each resolution, mark of the prefabricated shirt. Revolving, telling, explaining, making, telling, In domains, the leader will say, undo not Of elephants, throw out the lonely year, addressing Quietly devouring, the vessel wipes as snack. talk seen: suspensory zygodactylous fovea serosynovial godlessness nonperiodic “

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