Jun 12 2012

The Stopping Problem

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I’ve been thinking more about my discussions with the Dervish at lunch the other day.

One of the things I brought up in conversation was some of my frustrations about not being as challenged as I’d like sometimes in my classes, and my frustrations with the overwhelming tendency towards fluffiness in this field.

We talked about my future plans for study, and how I’d arrived where I am now. What led me here. Why this program, etc.

One thing that I’m realizing, and why I decided to throw the “post-Integral” spanner into the works (nobody I asked had any ideas as to what “post-Integral” would look like, though one person suggested we’ll all evolve into transpersonal cosmic entities and migrate off-planet. *sigh*), is that I’m beginning to wonder if “holistic studies” is actually a deception.

Maybe deception is too strong of a word.

It can offer some great lessons. In fact, I am learning quite a lot.

However. What if it isn’t the stopping point?

Popular teaching goes (and Joseph Campbell speaks to this too) is that after the adventure, one “returns home” with the knowledge, and teaches it. One of the things that the school prides itself in, is when we graduate, and we can go take the gospel back into the world, and all that good stuff.

But what if this isn’t the stopping point?

One can be satisfied with what one has been fed. One can then go back and tell everyone what a great restaurant you’ve been to.

But what if it’s just an appetizer?

Hell. What if we’re “spoiling our dinner”, as my grandmother used to say?

The natural conclusion (or a natural conclusion) to this odyssey I’m on would seem to be a PhD in this field.

But what if that’s only the beginning?

Back before I started this mess, I said “I don’t expect to find the answers to my questions, but I hope to find the tools to help me find the answers.” How easy it is to forget that sometimes. This may also be part of the “holistic backlash” I’ve been joking about. Because as much as I love what I’m doing (and I do), it’s not the end.

An analogy was given to me recently about casting wide nets, in hopes of catching a few fish.

So, what would be the end?

I can’t answer that.

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