Jun 04 2012

Vedanta Anecdote via Ken Wilber

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“A man goes to an enlightened sage and asks, of course, for the meaning of life. The sage gives a brief summary of the Vedanta view, namely, that this entire world is nothing but the supreme Brahman or Godhead, and further, your own witnessing awareness is one with Brahman. Your very Self is in a supreme identity with God. Since Brahman creates all, and since your highest Self is one with Brahman, then your highest Self creates all.

“Off goes the gentleman, convinced that he has understood the ultimate meaning of life, which is that his own deepest Self is actually God and creates all reality. On the way home, he decides to test this amazing notion. Heading right toward him is a man riding an elephant. The gentleman stands in the middle of the road, convinced that, if he’s God, the elephant can’t hurt him. The fellow riding the elephant keeps yelling, ‘Get out of the way! Get out of the way! But the gentleman doesn’t move – and gets perfectly flattened by the elephant.

“Limping back to the sage, the gentleman explains that, since Brahman or God is everything, and since his Self is one with God, then the elephant should not have hurt him. ‘Oh yes, everything is indeed God,’ said the sage, ‘so why didn’t you listen when God told you to get out of the way?'”

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