May 25 2012


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A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers got some rather unfortunate news. It seemed her sister’s boyfriend had been electrocuted in a freak accident. He died more or less instantly. My co-worker’s sister is only 18ish (I think), and her boyfriend wasn’t much older, I believe.

A few days after he died, my co-worker’s sister started getting weird phone calls. Someone would call, asking for her, and when she got to the phone, there’d be nobody there. This went on for a few days, and then my co-worker had a dream, where the-recently-deceased-boyfriend came to her, and asked her to pass a message along to her sister, that he was “okay”, and she shouldn’t worry about him.

The other day, I got an e-mail from an ex- of mine, telling me that she had had a horrible dream a few nights ago, that someone was trying to get in touch with her, to let her know that one of her boyfriends from high school had been killed in a car accident. The dream was so “real”, that she actually woke up from it 3 times. Each time, rising up into another layer of dream, where she was given the same news, until she actually woke up. She chalked it up to simple nightmare. A few days later, she was talking to an old friend of hers, who happened to mention that said ex-boyfriend-from-high-school had been killed recently in an accident.

Kinda threw my ex- for a loop.

A number of years ago, my mother was in law school. She graduated, and passed the bar, and is now a practicing attorney. At the time, she had a friend who was also struggling to pass the bar, and was also fighting off a rather nasty bout of cancer. Mom’s friend died before passing the bar exam. My mother had always been afraid her friend had resented her for passing the bar. When mom’s friend died, my mother had a dream that her friend had come to her, saying something along the lines of “its okay, I don’t resent you, and I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I have to go, though, as I have other fires I need to put out.”

When my grandmother died, my grandfather had a similar experience as the abovementioned.

I’m sure there’s tons of anecdotal evidence of this sort of thing. And well, I certainly have my own opinions of this sort of thing, which I’m not going to go into here.

What I’m trying to figure out, however, is why people keep telling me about these experiences? I don’t mean this to sound like a complaint. Its not. I’m just trying to figure out what it is about me that seems to give people this confidence in approaching me about this sort of thing.

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