Apr 10 2021

Hsaa Collective Agreement Calgary Lab Services

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Members covered by the agreement will also receive a new Flexible Expenditure Account (FSA) that will provide them with $2,500 as of January 1, 2009 and increase to $2,750 on January 1, 2010. The FSA can be used for professional development, well-being, health expenses, RRSP contributions or care for children and the elderly. In February 2020, consultant Ernst and Young presented his report to Prime Minister Kenney recommending “the allocation of operations, hospital catering services, budget management, laundry, security, laboratory testing.” [4] The HSAA warned that “the granting of an operation, a hospital food service, budget management, laundry, security, laboratory testing and more will result in greater results in the state coffers.” [4] [Notes 1] The HSAA stated that “the privatization of laboratory services in Alberta could involve 850 full-time jobs.” [5] The Public Sector Wage Arbitration Deferral Act (Bill 9), which was passed on June 20, 2019 The Law set, and delayed wage arbitration hearings for Alberta 180,000 public service employees represented by unions in 24 collective agreements[6] that involved the HSAA until August, when the “Janice MacKinnon Report and Recommendations: Blue Ribbon Panel on Alberta`s Finances” was presented. [7] [8] Edmonton (July 9, 2008) – The Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA/NUPGE) is voting to ratify a three-year interim agreement involving more than 11,000 paramedics and technical officers in the province. This would almost certainly have meant that the office and office members would have been transferred to the General Assistance Services Rate Unit and become members of the AUPE. This may also have led the laboratory assistants to move to the same AUPE bargaining unit. “Our negotiators have worked hard for our members, which is reflected in the benefits we have achieved for them in this interim agreement,” said Elisabeth Ballermann, President of the HSAA. HSAA/NUPGE has used all the resources at its disposal to protect the interests of its members. Senior managers, the work advisor, the human resources researcher, the classification analyst and the labour relations officers all worked on the ALRB response.

Special thanks are also extended to the management of the local department, chaired by President Audrey McIntyre. HSAA/NUPGE defended members` rights against the AUPE application Just over a year ago, the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) applied to ALRB to make CLS and the Alberta Health Service (AHS) a common employer, so that all 1,600 CLS employees would become members of the AHS. The Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA) is a union in Alberta, Canada. [2] Members who receive additional information are requested to terminate several meetings scheduled for those dates on that date: July 21 in Edmonton; July 22 in deer and medicine hat; July 23 in Calgary; July 24 in Lethbridge and Grande Prairie. Details will be published on the HSAA website. NUPGE The HSAA bargaining committee and the union`s board of directors recommend adoption. The three-year proposal provides for increases of at least 14.5%, lump sum payments, new flexible spending accounts and enhanced benefits, which the Alberta Labour Relations Council regulates against AUPE`s request to adopt bargaining rights. The proposal provides for wage increases of 5% in the first year, 5% in the second year and 4.5% or Alberta`s average weekly wage (depending on the higher amount) in the third year. The agreement also provides for lump sum payments of $2,500 in the first year and $2,250 in the second year, as well as enhanced benefits. CLS employees made it clear that they wanted to remain members of HSAA/NUPGE In February 2020, an independent public sector arbitrator decided for the provincial government and against the HSAA a “zero percent pay increase” for HSAA employees. [2] In his February 6 statement, Alberta`s Minister of Finance, Trav


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