Apr 10 2021

International Partnership On Transparency In The Paris Agreement

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Promoting transparency, communication, networking and trust between countries; The provision of capacity and the promotion of a process of mutual learning within regions and between practitioners at the global level; Identifying and disseminating examples of good practices and lessons learned. Capacity building activities and peer-to-peer-learning through technical workshops in five regional and language groups, and through international conferences – Knowledge products and knowledge sharing, for example. B by newsletter, a website and a Twitter channel On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Reactor Safety (BMU), the project team is working on the interface of international climate policy and German development cooperation. The project advises on a number of topics, with the aim of finding the right solutions to meet specific needs. To significantly limit global warming, the Paris Agreement must be implemented quickly and effectively. This is a major challenge that can only be met if all countries commit to cooperation. The international community is therefore helping developing countries meet their commitments. In addition to direct climate financing, it supports dialogue between national representatives and the development of knowledge, capacity and access to finance. To this end, the Community has launched global initiatives and other actions.

The adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 marked a new chapter for international climate cooperation. For the first time, almost all UN member states are contributing to the fight against climate change. The common goal is to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius and, if possible, to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Spanish-speaking regional group Latin America and the Caribbean (www.transparency-partnership.net/…): the project focuses on supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement in two important areas: the implementation of the NDC and transparency. In terms of NDC support, the project is partnering with three initiatives: the NDC Partnership, the Global Partnership (LEDS GP) and the NDC Support Cluster. It also works closely with the NAP Global Network. In this context, the project develops appropriate formats, organizes conferences and workshops, and provides analysis, knowledge products and successful case studies on the transparency and implementation of NDCs. It therefore makes an important contribution to international learning and to link climate protection, biodiversity, disaster risk management and sustainable development goals (SDGs) around the world. Climate transparency creates trust, promotes ambitious action on climate change and thus helps achieve the long-term goal of the Paris agreement on temperature. The partnership has been renamed the Partnership for Transparency in the Paris Agreement.


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