Oct 09 2012


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A few things have been pecking away at my mind in recent weeks, as the shape of this site begins to unfold in my head.

How does one reconcile evil, in terms of consciousness?

How do I reconcile my varied interests into a coherent whole?

How do my interests in history, the occult, consciousness, dreams, parapsychology, rational thought, horror fiction, film, philosophy, science, death, music and esotericism all intersect?

What the hell do I want to write about, anyway?

The only thing I can come up with is that they all intersect somehow, within me. If I don’t write about what interests me in any given moment, then I am not being true to myself.

After all, the site is named “Streams of Consciousness”

In the tarot, the card of “The Fool” is seen setting out on a journey. He is on a path of discovery, while forces conspire against him. They attempt to prevent him from reaching his goals and are most often symbolized by a dog nipping at him. In the same manner, the comforts of “normal” existence tug at us, and seduce us into just accepting that things simply are.

Put another way: “The Magician does not necessarily want the burden of existence lifted from his shoulders; he wants to understand why he is carrying it and where.” -Lon Milo Duquette

This journey – this site – is a fool’s journey.



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