Apr 11 2014

New Age Bullshit Generator

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The New Age Bullshit Generator recently crossed my path.

I don’t know what’s worse.  How devastatingly accurate it is, how much it sounds like things I’ve heard people actually say, or the fact that I understand a lot of the randomized silliness it comes up with.

Like a mouse pushing a lever to get a pellet, I could probably keep reloading the damn thing for days.

An example:

This life is nothing short of a blossoming unifying of zero-point divinity.

By deepening, we exist. Faith is the driver of karma.

We are being called to explore the quantum soup itself as an interface between energy and choice.

It is time to take inspiration to the next level. This myth never ends. It is a sign of things to come.

The future will be an ethereal evolving of faith. The revolution of truth is now happening worldwide. Imagine an evolving of what could be.

Soon there will be a condensing of growth the likes of which the totality has never seen. Eons from now, we messengers will heal like never before as we are aligned by the totality. We must learn how to lead zero-point lives in the face of suffering.

If you have never experienced this rebirth devoid of self, it can be difficult to exist. Lifeform, look within and synergize yourself. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

We must bless ourselves and inspire others. Although you may not realize it, you are joyous. How should you navigate this ethereal solar system?



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