Jul 08 2013

Ordo ab Chao

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I’ve inadvertantly stumbled upon the phrase “Anti-Cosmic Satanism” (what?), and have tracked down this definition (albeit on Yahoo):

“…they believe that the realm of Chaos is ruled by the Eleven Gods of Primordial Chaos. They believe that there exists an Aeon for each of these Gods, or these manifestations. These are the Aeons of Moloch, Beelzebuth, Lucifuge Rofocale, Astaroth, Asmodeus, Belfegor, Baal, Adramelech, Lilith, Naamah and Satan. Azerate is eleven united as one, and these forces combined are those revered by the MLO/Temple of the Black Light. These eleven gods are actually ruler manifestations of Chaos and are eleven extensions of the Greater Godhead that these Satanists call Azerate. Azerate is the eleven headed black mother dragon that is the ruler of all chaos.”

Is it me, or does that sound kind of…orderly?

(yeah, yeah, I know, go read the stuff from Temple of the Black Light or something – I will. It’s on my “to read” pile.)


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