Apr 11 2021

Residential Solar Power Purchase Agreement

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Solar Power Purchase Agreements are not available in all areas and this is a very fundamental description of what an AAE is and how it works. For more detailed information and to see if your home is qualified for a Home Solar Power Purchase Agreement, please contact our solar advisors. Our experts are ready to adapt you to the right program and dener near you. A solar electricity sales contract (PPA) is a financial agreement whereby a developer organizes the planning, approval, financing and installation of a solar installation on the land of a client too little or no cost. The developer sells the electricity produced at a fixed price to the host, which is usually lower than the local distribution company`s retail price. This decrease in the price of electricity is used to compensate for the purchase of electricity from the grid by the customer, while the developer receives the revenues from these electricity sales as well as all tax credits and other incentives of the system. PPAs are typically between 10 and 25 years old and the developer remains responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system for the duration of the agreement. At the end of the PPA contract term, a customer may be able to extend the PPP, have the system removed from the developer or purchase the solar installation from the developer. Solar leasing contracts and PPAs may seem more complicated than a solar loan or cash purchase because of the additional conditions that are included, but they generally offer tenants flexibility when their circumstances change. A Solar Purchasing Power Agreement (SPPA) is a financial agreement whereby a third-party developer owns, operates and maintains the photovoltaic (PV) installation, and a host customer agrees to install the facility on its land and acquire the electrical power of the system from the solar service provider for a predetermined period. This financial agreement allows guest customers to obtain stable and often inexpensive electricity, while the solar service provider or any other party acquires valuable financial benefits, such as tax credits and revenue from the sale of electricity. A solar power purchase contract can be a great option for many people because it removes a number of barriers that are usually related to buying a solar installation for a residential or commercial property, making the process simple and affordable.


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