Apr 12 2021

Scheduling Agreement Stock Transfer

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In transfer titles, partial delivery and delivery indicators are relevant to items. If you change the layout data (for example. B quantity or date) on the planning screen in repositioning accounts (order, order request and delivery plan), the system automatically verifies availability. This implies assigning a control rule for availability controls in customizing for purchase. Classification-level processing: Any open classification of an item is entered into the classification of supporting documents based on the values entered under “Priorities.” The availability check is made for each classification. Example of processing at the classification level:Sort the date (first classification delivery date) – Sending part numberDoc. A cat. doc. Number doc. It`s doc. Availability schedule: 4500000012 10 0001 26.01.PO 45000000025 20 0001 28.01.PO 450000 0 20,0002 02.02.PO 4500000012 10,0002 26.02.Here you can see that each ranking has been sorted according to the delivery date. Keep in mind that this type of treatment requires longer lifespan due to each more frequent trial and storage. The results of the rescheduling are stored until the program has been launched in simulation mode.

When you launch the program through the Distribution section or start directly through the development environment, you`ll be informed in a dialog box that you`ve just started a process that changes the data. You can then decide whether you want to continue or not. If you develop a transfer plan, you can schedule the exact delivery dates for a transfer. Article-level processing:All open classifications for the article are read and collected and then transferred to the availability control. To sort and prioritize documents, you don`t need each ranking line. Just have the element or data from the first classification. All open classifications for the item are processed and verified. Example of article processing:Tri: date (first classification delivery date) – Document numberDoc. A cat. doc. Number doc. It`s doc.

Availability plan: 4500000012 10 0001 26.01.PO 4500000012 10,0002 26.02.PO 4500000025 20 0 0 0 28.01.PO 4500000025 20 0002 02.02.You can see that the second calendar line for document 450000025/20 is 02.02. was established after the second classification for document450000012/10 of 26.02. Treated. This is because all divisions open for an item are read and processed. The first classification from 450000012/10 is the earliest delivery date, which is why it is a priority. Your suppliers need shorter delivery times. Smaller deliveries are required and can be spread over a long period of time. Delivery planning allows suppliers to plan and allocate their resources more efficiently. Choose from the Purchase menu the Order Order supplier/delivery plant option known to create. Choose The UB order type and the U item category (relocation). These specifications are used when deliveries with transfer plans are made through the SAP component “ENVOI SD”, i.e. deliveries against the delivery plan are recorded in the SD shipping system.

Test rule for transfer plans. In the “purchase mm” component, a contract is a kind of purchase framework contract, against which agreed equipment or services can be issued when necessary for a given period of time. If you have selected in the customizing the outsourcing tolerance for relocations, the delivery is considered finished for the contract. The remaining quantity is no longer considered a need in the delivery facility. To do this, you insert the test rule.


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