Apr 12 2021

Service Agreement University

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A service contract is used when a McGill employee provides a service and makes the results available to a client. The difference between a service agreement and a research agreement is that McGill does not provide intellectual or added value and no published results are expected. As a result, the sponsor reserves all the intellectual property rights provided by the client and holds the results. The confidentiality of customer information is generally unlimited. Publication and use: the results of activities under a service contract must be available for publication and support of the university`s research mission. Before submitting a service contract questionnaire, read your department`s contract guidelines to determine who has the right to sign service contracts on behalf of the university. Ask for the approval of this signatory, usually your head of scientific unit (president, dean, director) or administrative director. The university must recover all costs, including facilities and administrative costs. Eligible service activities may include consulting, acting, testing, testing, device use, specific training, etc. The work may be akin to sponsored research projects, but without scientific studies or conclusions.

Laboratories and deployed personnel are generally active in research, development and creative work, but they have excess capacity to cope with additional work for external facilities. Some possibilities may be to use a university-approved offer instead of a necessary signed agreement. Other more complex options require additional support from the Contracts and Grants Office (OCG). University service agreements are established by the General Counsel for the protection of the university. Each agreement must be concluded with prior service start. It is essential that business owners properly determine whether the people who provide services are employees or independent contractors. For more information, click here on the IRS website. For the purposes of this type of agreement, services are defined as “small projects specifically designed” and are limited to projects providing services that include the classification, diagnosis or verification of a sponsor`s data, samples, mechanisms, procedures or products.


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