Oct 07 2021

Service Level Agreement Enable

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For example, the patient`s vital parameters must be transported through the network without this being linked to the actual identity of the patient. In Chapter 12, the authors provide an overview of these emerging trends in network architecture and discuss the challenges these trends pose to network maintenance. Finally, an elegant solution is proposed to avoid the complications associated with high-capacity DWDM traffic on visually transparent mesh networks. The principle is to switch traffic at the optical fibre level to the amplification node, which terminates both ends of the relevant range, so that the traffic concerned is connected to all the traffic concerned and only to the traffic concerned. This requires a new architecture for optical amplifier-repeater nodes, which includes the switching capability required for amplifier input and amplifier output. While most service providers guarantee 99% parcel speeds, this may not be enough for real-time applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), interactive video, etc. For dominant web browsing traffic, losses of up to 5% may be acceptable. Like data loss, latency and jitter are essential for VoIP and multimedia traffic. These applications require response times of 100 milliseconds or less….


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