Apr 23 2014

So, this just arrived in my inbox…

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For the record, I do not endorse this message.

I will have a very good time picking it apart in a future post, however.

As soon as I figure out WTF it’s about.


(copied and pasted, so all typos are in the original)


If you have not previously received a complete copy of File 1b.,

Att: Coexistence Stakeholders,
C/-   Kevin K.

Hello Kev,

This letter relates to a divine radical global mass mental health catalyst program, simply referred to as ‘File 1b’. It’s just a little idea with a big heart!

In essence, uncovering radical mental health is about re-booting the Self’s mind to its optimum funcional state. It’s about lifting the veils of corporate mind-control systems and moving from destructive emotional separateness to collectives of unconditional inclusiveness within one divine-mind reality system of universal truth.

Given that everyone exists within their own unique physical and mental circumstances, encased by invisible paradigms of duality and pre-fabricated negative emotional training, in order to create change to collective unity we require (1) a thorough understanding of why we do the things we’ve been doing, (2) an objective ‘reality check’ as to how our ways of living are not working for the benefit of all stakeholders, ie., the common good. (3) a clear sense of what the benefits of divine unity will be, (4) a complete understanding and overstanding of what we perceive and what we know to to be the emotional and physical risks of changing our intent from exclusive to inclusive; that is, obstacles that may prevent us from creating much healthier lives and environments in which to exist, and (5) an automated universal sub-conscious change catalyst to trigger immediate globally conscious re-action.

The aim of File 1b. is to provide people with crystal access to all five tactical action points of consideration, with the common idea that each participant may uncover their original true divine self and be responsibly accountable for all that is.

Global demand for system unity and natural health recovery, is unquestionably at a revolutionary explosive level and does require a way to equip individuals and whole populations with a universal action plan to reform Humanity’s demonic foolishness, escape from corporate mind-control and take back our soveriegn soul-selves with a global first-ever self-initiated Census of Intent.

The reason that you have received this mail, if not already evident, is simply for the sake of all the other stakeholders. Everyone benefits from flow-on effects from united intent and shared effort!

julia montefiore,
Universal Mind System Agency. 

Extract from File 1b:

Global Soul-Birthing Mind Catalyst. 

‘ENTHUSIASM’ contains crucial life-enhancing information which has been intentionally kept secret from Humanity’s developing civilizations for hundreds of years. For many readers of this information, their resulting experiences have been nothing short of miraculous, but for the ancient and present avatars, enthusiasm will always mean trance or ecstasy – a connection with God. Enthusiasm is energy in motion, directed at a particular idea or a specific thing…When we love and connect from the bottom of our heart, we feel ourselves to be stronger than anyone in the world, and we feel a serenity that is based on the certainty that nothing can shake our intent. This unusual strength allows us to make the right decision at the right time, and when we achieve our goal, we are amazed at our own capabilities because when we are involved in total passion, nothing else is important; enthusiasm carries us to our goal…whatever it may be!

Enthusiasm normally manifests itself with all of its force during the first years of our lives….We lose enthusiasm because of the small unavoidable defeats we suffer during our lives. And since we dont realize that enthusiasm is a major strength, able to help us win ultimate success, it just dribbles away; we do this without recognizing that we are letting the true meaning of our lives escape us.

‘ENTHUSIASM’ ( FILE 1b.) is not really a book as such, because it is more like an open ended information-packed scroll containing mind-maps, master keys and eternal health and happiness opportunities. The information is unconditionally free because it is universally true. The scroll has been described as ‘magic mirror’ for readers to identify their true current point of self-awareness and more importantly, how to join with the Soul in the present tense of the eternal now.


”When you capture the minds of people with ‘treats and sweets’ containing such things as poisons and addictive substances, diverse religious constraints and corrupted cultural beliefs, you take possession of their lives and the lives of their children. They then become your obedient slaves as farmed collectives to serve your hypnotic demands.”

(This is one of many similar statements derived from escaped associates of Corporate Business Systems who have been directly associated with mass mind-manipulating programs used for controlled farming and profiteering from Earth’s human-resource populations.) 

Supposedly, Einstein once stated that;

”You cannot repair something which is broken with the same type of system-thinking principles which caused it to become that way!”

Ralph Waldo Emerson may also have said;

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!”

“Everywhere in history religion betrays a tendency to enthusiasm.”

Anyone can use enthusiasm for almost anything, from water skiing to fast food, without religion entering into it at all. Enthusiasm is the stuff that helps to drive our intentions to create newness or get what we think we want. It is a powerful force of emotion which is inherit to our psyche’s natural existence. Combined with the driving goal-seeking force of a person’s intent, enthusiasm has the ability to create ‘miracles’. But when our intent has been possessed and manipulated by corporate systems, our natural enthusiasm for natural health and lasting happiness has been radically disabled.

We are led (taught) to base our decision-making realities on systems of ‘Belief’ which include concepts indicating that we are responsible for our choices and have some sort of right or ownership to a personal opinion, beliefs and emotional fears, false and dangerously conflicting as they can be. We are also told that we are endowed with a mind/brain or control-station functioning as a personal life-support center similar to the way computers work, where programmed response-information remains constantly effective until new response programming is installed and accepted. Can you see how any individual, group or community could be truly accountable or responsible for their actions when there is so much incriminating evidence showing that all human behaviour is being directed by external systematic emotional-response programming working through the information storage and processing facilities of the human sub-conscious mind?

To keep our minds controlled, we have been trained to ‘think’ and consider ‘belief’ as a ‘true’ basis for life-critical choices, instead of being enabled to use our natural abilities of visualization and intuition to process information and decisions. What this means is that we have all been fooled by World Power Controllers who are still using our minds to suit their own agendas. Now, through growing global awareness of corporate mind-entrappments, many of us have already escaped and returned to widen the way to emotional freedom and abundance.

Mind freedom in its truest form is simply being enabled to exist independently and socially in a harmonic and self-responsible manner.

If you want to gain eternal happiness and harmony over your life, seriously look at what emotions you actually own at any moment, particularly while in the presence of life-negative circumstances. For example, do you allow external cause for how you feel and react? (eg,. The other person or circumstance made me feel and respond that way!)

When you want to be free and have a long wonderful life, learn to be true, not just to yourself, but to the continuing development of your inner awareness.

What do we mean when we say “NO” to conflict, war, avoidable suffering and corruption, then continue to produce and support more of it? Are we not the victims who have been fear-tricked into endorsing and supporting corrupted World Powers?

There is a common deception growing in the garden of life indicating that negative thoughts cannot cause harm. Global health authorities and governing bodies know that the quality of thinking, visualizing or dreaming has a major and probably total influence over the mental and physical health of all humans.

It may not have attracted your attention yet, but if what ‘THEY’ taught us as children is permitted to be active throughout adult lives, then those lives have not been initiated to harmonious social life-skills and are at extreme risk of experiencing periods of artificially induced ill-health and a high probability of premature death.

We are all living in an age of high-speed advanced technology, where most children are being taught about how to control others and seek and destroy programs. This is onlyone clear example of how population leaders manipulate people’s minds into producing and supporting the avalanche of destruction and toxic pollution that we know so well.

There are many places on Earth where children are taught to kill and brutalize other humans before they are ten years old. In other places where electronic devices are available, the children have been deceived into seek and destroy training at home, at schools and where they play.

Have you ever wondered why governed World communities are constantly being deceived and manipulated by corporations?

Why would anyone think that corporate agendas have no connection to the unhealthy mind-states of Earth’s citizeny unless they were ignorant to real reasons for corporate cause?

Corporate mind manipulation experts have long known that human behavior can be taught, bought and sold. We know by our own experiences that Subjective InformationNetworks (commonly known as the system of SIN) working with multimedia modeling programs have shown us how to create billions of victims and profit from controlling their mental and physical circumstances. Not only have we been programmed on how to thinkand choose, we are programmed to use ‘Belief’ instead of ‘Natural Objective Truth’ to support personal health and relationship harmony.


‘CENSUS OF INTENT’ as a catalyst of change.
This universal census of intent simply means being accountable and responsible for the quality of one’s own existence in accordance to individual circumstances and within a global community context.


Definitely not: Governments, drug companies, weapon makers, organized crime heads or community councils, ……………………..at least not before 2014!

With a crystal clear un-corruptiple global census of intent for people to rely on as a solid grounding to support sustainable peace and happiness, the continuance of preventable brutality, disease, war and corruption, have no option but to completely stop. Other major issues closer to home, such as deppression, mental illness, substance abuse and toxic food consumption would also stop. As nothing happens without intent, dialogue and action, Humanity’s objective for peace and abundance is not just to help its populations be true to themselves by being self accountable and responsible for their consumerism, but more importantly, open the way to universal consciousness and unbounded freedom.

The following incantation is a ground-zero Mind-Inception which anyone can use to enable not only a better life for themselves, but for others as well. A true objective beginning of newness!


Procedure: Upon awakening each morning, mindfully repeat this powerful universalaffirmation a few times. Do it each day until it becomes a constant automatic feeling!

Run this simple program for 31 days and see how much your happiness and enthusiasm for life has developed. You may even choose to extend the program benefits period for extended personal health and vitality support assistance.

You might say this game-plan sounds too hard, too simple, too healthy or too scary or just not appropriate because you have a better game-plan. Maybe you are still afraid of Ego and simply feel forced to submit to its corporatized risk-laden directions

Results speak for themselves! Maybe you are already in the process of awakening to how and why people are manipulated with deception and manipulated emotional-response training. Maybe you are already experiencing the freedom and benefits of living in oneness without conflict and fear, or even more importantly, knowing that emotional stress is a natural consequential part of life which can now be automatically avoided.

Providing that no appropriate new action takes place to stop negative emotional programming from creating harm, there is no other option but to remain one of the many mind-imprisoned servants or victims who have been trained to work for a corrupted system-employed executive mind-warden (Ego), who is in charge of your automatic emotional response to circumstances behaviour.


We have been told that World populations have to be culled to create sustainable order. Does anyone want to be sacrificed before their natural end-time?….. NOT LIKELY! 

Have you and your family got a practical plan to stay happy and ’safe’?

Are the controlling corporations which you support providing any better options, other than more suffering and more control? ………….. NOT LIKELY!


The greatest war in the history of human existence has begun. It is a global war where every adult person is required to direct their intentions within their own minds to identify and immobilize system-implanted sub-conscious deception and false emotional-response programming.

You can easily escape to freedom and find true happiness, but your inner guide, sometimes called Ego, (becoming commonly known as The Devil inception), which is a system-employed prison-warden program in charge of your mental welfare will automatically say;

“Don’t do it! You won’t be able to get to freedom because my corporate instructions are to keep you mentally immobilized and blinded.”

It’s the quality of your life that is on the chopping-block, if you want freedom and eternal happiness, you need to give it your best shot with a committed do-or-die attitude.


There are a variety of standard tools and programs used to control people and maintain mass blindness to controlling agendas. Are you a servant to a hazardous belief system based on deception, or are you experiencing the benefits of universal vision and emotional empowerment?

The items listed are just a few of the common tools used by governing bodies to achieve the goals of deceptive manipulating agendas.


 All Subjective Belief-Systems of Duality.

 All forms of controlled negative emotional response programs.

 Hierarchical Dictatorships.

 Negative mind-manipulating mass marketing programs.

 Cynicism, skepticism and assumption. 

 Harmful mind-altering addictive substances and
toxic hypnotic multi-media programming.


You could be thinking that negative emotional-response training is not a dangerous implanted controlling power. Could it be that most of ‘modern’ humanity has been taught this way or are they deliberately evil and not able to live happily together in an abundantly exciting world without conflict?

Instead of being possessed by the false limitations of emotional slavery and governing health deceptions, you now have a black and white option to invoke some practical magic by taking a big bite of fruit from…………….… THE TREE OF UNCONDITIONAL TRUTH/UNIVERSAL LOVE.


Do plants use belief? Do fish use belief? Do animals use belief, or do they all exist according to specific natural design?

Do you already know that modern-man has been directed into supporting hazardous false Master-Reality value-systems based on ‘Belief’?

We humans have shown that we can live according to most environmental conditions including the mental/social environments of governing authorities. Does this mean that if we really did want to exist happily and harmoniously, it could only occur by using a reality value-system based on universal knowledge and non-competitive intent.

Is this not so?

There are many people who still think that negative re-active mind programming is not a major danger to their existence and that the rest of us are not victim-slaves of the Ego-Belief System’smanipulating powers. Especially for those individuals, it is with your conviction that the information contained within this mind-tour is not true or worthy of use. But more to the point, do those people want to remain blinded and unable to experience the freedom of knowledge without the subjective limits of opinion or fear.


We have arrived at the entrance to our destination. Have a good look around and think about whether you have any real need or reason to return to the hazardous ways of experiencing life as a servant to the Ego-Belief System. While you are here, you may like to sample a few magic love-potions to enhance your appreciation of this stimulating transition.

For what it is worth, it was the ancient Greeks who programmed this particular journey and it was our leading physicists who have shown us the bare essence and intent of life as an infinite energy-source which appears to have no centre because it is everywhere, portrayed by everything that is existent and non-existent. This energy does have a basic language formation designed as a self-regulating electro-magnetic regenerating system driven by two polarized hearts-of-intent, working in alternate co-ordination within an expanding perimeter of super-natural creation.

Why don’t you ask yourself how you feel about being trapped and used by an often brutal corporate intent, ……. and whether you want to move your intent out of the darkness into the World of happiness and sovereign harmony.


The importance of Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP )

To the average Jo Blow or Jill Smith, NLP probably mean less than Jack Schitt. But, as our old and out of date systems collapse around us, the value of nlp will mean much more to Humanity than ever thought possible.

N.L.P. is a universal language system used by result-driven intent.

The following word descriptions may be of benefit for the ‘un-initiated’.

Neuro: The concept that all behaviour is physiological ie, has its origins in neurological processes such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Simple examples of links between trained emotional-response programming and physical changes include butterflies in the stomach when we feel nervous or going red with embarrassment, even when the situation may be artificially created.

Linguistic: (Language) To make sense of information and communicate with others, we use different forms of language to transfer meaning and negotiate results.

Programming: Patterns of how we organize ideas and actions. Once a pattern is learned, the brain will continue to use it until some different pattern is learned.



Personal reality—-our perception of life, the psychology and metaphysics of our human conditions – is formed solely from opinion. We perceive and act on what we believe, not what we know as real or universal truth.

We mostly inherit our opinions and feelings from others, or construct them from common role-modeled demonstrations such as cultural, religious and organized crime. They identify us as predictable by forming and defining how we falsely see the circumstances of the real world. Every opinion is different and conflicting in essence, but universally linked by polarized belief systems.

With a bit of practice you can eliminate the majority of all anguish produced from opinion. You’ll gradually dismiss the remainder and free yourself from the opinions you have acquired, as well as those you might think are your own creation. This will liberate you from the negative emotion and hazardous anguish it offers. Serenity

flows from universal knowledge and a mind-state of Oneness. When you process circumstances with the oneness of universal knowledge things become morally ethical, clearly accountable and socially responsible, so that wherever you go there will be continual harmony, adventure and opportunity.

For life’s circumstances to generate negative emotion, they have to contradict your opinion. If circumstances don’t contradict one of your opinions, your reaction is neutral. When circumstances enhance your opinions, they generate positive emotion for you.

Basic truths of reactions to circumstances and how affirmations can help anyone to be free from negative emotional responses.

AFFIRMATIONS—Affirmations are statements to yourself, which confirm to your sub-conscious mind how you want to experience the circumstances of life.

ANGUISH—The centre of all anguish lies in the issue of opinion and contradiction. Once you ‘get it’, and see how it affects your life, your well-being and the lives of others, you can take responsible action and free yourself forever. If you want a powerful, happy existence, get a grip on the issue of contradiction – and you will be eternally free!


“My mind is now programmed to accept
contradictions as natural and I have no need
to react to them in a negative way.”

CONTRADICTION AND EXPECTANCY—-There are multiple benefits when you can see how the contradictions of life affect you. You can eliminate some of the negative effects immediately. You can also design your life to avoid most of them. And you can adopt practical tools that allow you to happily accept those contradictions you can’t avoid.

By doing these actions, you return to your truest natural state, serene, happy, and entertained by the wonder and grace of this unique gift of consciousness we call life.


We have to embrace infinity inside a mortal experience.

We have to ‘believe’ in a supreme power we can’t see.

We have to learn to love in a dimension where there is so much hatred.

We have to develop self-worth while people control us.

We have to see beauty where there is distortion.

We have to be non-corrupt in a corrupted world.

Transcendence is nothing more than accepting the contradictions of life without resistance, but embracing these contradictions is not what we are taught. We are taught to resist.

As soon as you agree to stop resisting, everything becomes more comfortable and enjoyable. All of life’s circumstances are neutral. Life has no particular quality, positive or negative, other than the labels we give it  

What is, is! Never forget that it’s always the Belief System’s intentions that are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the programs which keeps people controlled.


“The circumstances of life have no particular quality.
They are neutral. Its only HOW and WHY I to respond
to them, that allows or denies happiness and prosperity.”


When ideas come together to form an opinion, and when that opinion is seen by you to be pleasing, the personality backs that opinion by investing it with emotion.

Emotion is the tool the personality uses to grant credibility and value to opinions. It’s how the personality feels worthwhile and gets what it wants. It can wield emotion like a sledge-hammer, manipulating others to its needs and desires.

How does this system work? We start with an idea; we back it with reasoning to confirm the idea to ourselves. Then we lace it with emotion, investing ourselves in it. Then we go through emotional power-plays, doing whatever it takes, in an attempt to get what we want. When circumstances call our bluff, we are devastated.

The thing you desire – fame, success, money, opportunity, romance, etc, – will usually come to you in part, through the actions of others. It’s your fellow humans who help carry your desires from the nebulous metaphysics of possibility to your immediate reality, where you get to feast upon the produce of your dreams.

Build your own road into the future. Take fifteen minutes of each day to visualize, as though granted, the condition or circumstance you want. Create a mental setting, see yourself with the object of your desire. Become a part of it, let it become a part of you. Then go and do something that moves you towards your dreams – something powerful and positive.


“I use emotion, not as a self-indulgent tool to
attract attention or promote myself. I act powerfully
and concisely to create enthusiasm for others”.


It’s the death of things that scares us. Not just the physical death, but the termination of familiar things – the end of a relationship, a job, a habit or addiction. Sometimes it’s a rhythm that is about to change, or your location, or a feeling of certainty you’ve clung to.

It’s change we resist. Yet change is nature’s way of keeping you alive and fresh. We live in a rapidly developing world. If you are not changing, life is leaving you behind. Things will get tougher, not easier. 

Once you can accept change and endings, and not see them as personal affronts, most of your fear will dissipate. By attempting to hang on to circumstances and conditions whose energy is spent, your well-being and energy is being depleted.

Fear of change, fear of the unknown is only an emotional program. You don’t have to know what will happen in the future to feel safe. But you can use programs-of-change that can improve your life and the lives of others.

Emotional fear is nothing more than Ego’s expectancy of an upcoming contradiction. It is the most dangerous emotional response. False emotional fear resides within the self’s response programs and dissapears when confronted. Real fear is Nature’s way of self preservation, flight or fight!
True awareness of prevailing circumstances is the best defense against Fear.



Confusion occurs as a systematic mind-game side-effect used throughout most western communities, which clouds what one knows or doesn’t know. It allows for indecisive action, poor reasoning and instability, usually manifesting as erratic behaviour and irresponsible choices.

Confusion comes, first and foremost, from ignorance and lack of intent to seek the clarity of knowledge. Confusion is often used to avoid the emotional ‘fear‘ of its associated truth.

In helping others resolve their confusion, never ask the individual what they think, always ask how they feel about their issues. Then ask them what they want. Help them discover whether they really want what it is they think they want.

Then get them to look at whether their want is reasonable. Most individuals are professional dreamers who in fact, only need dreaming. They don’t want the responsibility or the action required to materialize their dreams. The down-side of confusion includes system-victim creations, widespread health and safety hazards and costly relationship conflicts. The up-side includes a realistic way of avoiding facts, unwanted issues and attached emotional fears.


” Confusion is a product of ignorance. I have replaced confusion with objective inquiry.”


Frustration comes from expectancy, the emotional outcropping of which is desire. Most frustration stems from slotting hopes and plans into preselected timeframes which you consider necessary to support your intentions.

When it comes to relying on people we usually try to slot individuals into patterns that suit us, – a futile exercise in self destruction.

The main source of frustration for many people is the experience of not getting what they want. One solution to that is not want whatever it is you think you want. If you can’t manage that, at least want less things. The more things you have to have, the more vulnerable you become. If you are mature and emotionally educated, you’ll need nothing from anyone – and what little you do need you can provide for yourself.

Remember, most of the things you think you need are Ego-designed to bolster your image and your perception of security. You’ll waste a lot of energy satisfying Ego, the warden of your emotional bondage. As soon as it’s got what it wants it ignores all your efforts and promptly nails another list of demands on your forehead.

Ego, your personal custodian of how you experience and respond to the circumstances of life, will always strive to enforce existing programmed response effects. Any alternative action would involve taking control of how you feel by adding quality-of-life empowerment programs which improve how you respond to circumstances.


“Frustration comes from the victim-addiction of
being a slave to Ego’s timing and delivery of it’s
desires. I now happily accept what I can‘t change,
and work on what I can.”


Spiritual awareness? Surely, if it was good for Humanity wouldn’t we all be using it by now? Has it helped to fix Humanity’s suffering or Earth’s natural health?

Is there any evidence to show that Spiritual Awareness can stop wars, crime or environmental destruction? What motive or intention would anyone have to possess it, or be possessed by it?

Would World powers let us have SA if it could disrupt their programs?

Hardened corporate ’Business-Heads’ who implement mass-programs and profit from people-control systems do not own human resources, but they do train us to be ignorant, gullible and virtually blind to our ability to exist with natural universal vision.

The hazardous hypnotic clutches of the ‘Ego-Belief Capitalistic War-Machine’ are still empowered and controlling how the World’s life-forms exist. Corporations are not showing any interest in SA, or producing any effective quality-of-life change-programs for their customers.

Physics says that the supreme ’Spirit’ represents the absolute Universe and workings. And the relative ’Awareness’ represents its own absolute self-awareness and constant intent. How does that help our conflicts?

A demonstrated community model of Objective Awareness and Selfresponsibility is probably our best and safest remaining option to negotiate any chance of achieving a more humane life-support system.

For those who are silenced or are not able to effectively represent themselves and the diminishing numbers who are, the opportunity to provide a powerful contribution to celebrating the resurrection of the universal Mother System has finally arrived.


”I have found my true natural self!
I am free from harmful mind control programs!”


At the level that most people relate to the notion of freedom, it means the freedom to express ourselves however they wish; to choose work or career, friends, politics, religion or where to live. Yet there is another way to understand freedom. At its most vital level, it means the freedom to be, to be the beautiful, conscious person you are. It is to be inwardly free, not restricted or bound by any sense of personal limitation, not subject to negative emotional reactivity. You always feel relaxed, at peace, and open to life at each and every moment.

As you begin to master the art of being free in this way, your life becomes a more harmonious, deeply satisfying flow. Out of your relaxed state of contentment in the present, you do what you feel called to do, what you love to do, or simply, whatever needs to be done. Authentic action, or doing, flows out naturally of being. As Lao Tzu said, in the Tao Te Ching: The way to do is to be.

As a result of what you do, you will have certain results, the fruits of your actions, whether in your relationships, work, health, recreation, money situation, or whatever. You will be able to enjoy these results fully because you are not depending upon them for your inner peace and well-being. Because you know how to be, you already are at peace within. The outer gifts in life are like a bonus, icing on the cake.

So, how do you get to this state of inner freedom? The quickest and simplest path I know of, and the subject of ENTHUSIASM, is to undergo an objective shift of conscious awareness.

What is that shift? Essentially, it is seeing the universal truth, that you are not your story. You are not any story. You are not your psychological and emotional history, nor are you your self image. You are not your cultural, ethnic, national, social, or religious story.

All your stories, memories, experiences, have shaped your personality but they are still only your stories. They may have been real once, but are definitely not real now. They are an illusory world existing between your ears, in the form of fleeting thoughts, beliefs, pictures, and ideas of self, with corresponding feelings and emotions in your body.

When conflict or suffering arises, or when your buttons get pushed, it is because a person or an event, real or imagined, contradicts your view or expectation, your story, about the way things should be, or ought to be. The conflict is experienced as a disturbing feeling or emotion, whether it be anxiety, fear, or some other negative emotional reaction.

However, the upsetting feelings and emotions only exist because of the stories that fuel them, which keeps them alive. When you are not holding onto any story in your mind, but are simply very aware and relaxed in the present, your emotional state is always one of ease, harmony, and flow. This is a very important point to understand if you are at all interested in finding true inner peace.

What can be said to be real right now is the fact that you are alive, present, and readingENTHUSIASM. What is real now is that you exist. You are conscious of existing, or being alive. In fact, your true nature, the one thing that is always present, whether you are asleep or awake, whether you are aware of it or not, is consciousness itself.


People often begin the spiritual life as an escape from the miseries of their worldly life. They may seek to be free from negative emotional responses such as anger, fear, frustration and resentment while desiring the more natural pleasant emotions such as happiness, passion and love. This is the way we begin, but it is not the way we can end. The ending, which is surrender, is the recognition that no escape is possible or necessary. This means to fully embrace whatever appears in consciousness, rather than ignoring any of it.

The usual strategies for achieving happiness involve either repressing the negative emotions in hope that they will be pushed from sight, or expressing them in hope that they will be released. Unfortunately, neither strategy reflects the real truth of one’s inherent self, which is an unmoving purity of being that exists deeper than any emotion and remains unaffected by any emotion. When you do not define yourself by emotional states, then the emotions are free to arise because they don’t mean anything about who you are. You know directly that all states are simply passing through the pure space that is your nature.

To directly experience any emotion is to neither deny it or wallow in it,…and this means that there can be no story about it. There can be no story line about the person it is happening to, why it is happening to, why it is happening or suggested cause. True innocence is the capacity to directly experience what is here right now.

Openness, the willingness to see and feel confident, even if what appears seems absolutely suspicious. True innocence is not naiveté, nor is it delusion.

However, the willingness to be innocent does involve vulnerability. This willingness to be vulnerable is what the term ‘spiritual warrior’ really means.

In the willingness to stop the suffering, which means > the willingness to stop the story about the anguish > it can be experienced just as it is. What was previously thought of as unbearable can be experienced with an open mind, a mind that has dropped all definitions and is no longer closed around some idea about the experience.

The truth is that when you really experience any negative emotion, with no story, it disappears. And when you truly experience any positive emotion, it grows. But, because there is not much in our culture that confirms this astounding revelation, we spend our lives chasing positive emotions and running from negative emotions.

If you think you are fully experiencing a negative emotion and it remains intense, then recognize that there is still some story being told about it. It may be how big it is, how you will never be able to get rid of it, how it will always come back, how dangerous it is to experience it. Whatever your story of the moment may be, the possibilities of postponing direct experience are endless.

For instance, when you are irritated, the usual tendency is to do something to get rid of the irritation or place blame on yourself or on someone or something else as the cause of the irritation. Then the story lines around irritation begin to develop. It is actually possible to do nothing with irritation: not to try to push it out of awareness or get rid of it, but to directly experience it. In the moment that irritation arises, it is possible to simply be completely and freely irritated – without expressing it or repressing it.

Direct experiencing often reveals a deeper emotion. Irritation, for instance, may be just a ripple on the surface. Deeper than irritation, there may actually be rage or fear. Again, the goal is neither to get rid of the emotion nor to analyze it, but to directly experience it. If rage or fear is revealed to be beneath the irritation, then let your awareness go deeper: let yourself be absolutely angry or fearful, without acting out or repressing.

Fear is often the biggest challenge because it is what most people habitually attempt to keep away. Of course, as they try to keep it away, it grows even larger and hovers even closer.

You can actually be open to fear. You can experience being afraid without any need to say you are afraid, and without following any thought of being afraid. You can just simply experience fear itself.

The fear in question is not physiologically appropriate fear. The response to physical danger – fight or flight – is natural and appropriate to the human organism. It is hardwired into the body for survival. It is appropriate, for instance, to get out of the way of an approaching avalanche.

The fears that need to be directly met, all the way through, are the psychological fears, the fears that keep our energy and attention bound unnecessarily in protection and defense, such as the fear of emotional anguish.

When a psychological fear is met rather than resisted or run from, it often reveals deeper layers of emotion. If you are willing to experience these emotional layers all the way through, you will finally approach what appears to be a deep abyss. This abyss is what the mind perceives as nothingness, emptiness. This is an important moment, because the willingness to be absolutely nothing, to be nobody, is the willingness to be free. All of those other emotional states are layers of defense against this experience of nothingness – the death of who you think you are. Once the defenses are down, once the door is open, then this nothingness that has been feared can be met fully. This meeting reveals the secret gem of truth that has been hidden in the core of your own heart all along. The diamond discovered is you.

Fear, anger, grief, and despair exist only when linked to a story. This is an amazing, simple, yet profound discovery! Check it out for yourself. You can actually recognize that what you are running away from does not, in truth, finally exist, and what you are running toward is already there.

In Western spiritual subculture, people are fairly open to experiencing their emotions because it can create a sense of freedom, sometimes becoming a cover for the fear of experiencing no emotion whatsoever. Defining yourself as an emotional being is perhaps a step deeper than defining yourself as a purely mental being, but it is not all the way home.

What you avoid in defining yourself as an emotional being is emotionless-ness, nothingness and emptiness. Once you have experienced pure emptiness, you know directly, that who you are cannot be defined by any mental or emotional state, and this knowledge is pure freedom.

From the heart of pure life – your invitation has been waiting – not for you to get rid of any emotion, not to dramatize or glorify any emotion, but to discover what every emotion is calling for. This is an invitation to uncover your natural authentic passionate-for-life self,……………… before who you think you are dies at the hands of a brutal system executive who is engrossed only in it’s own pleasures at the expense of your physical and mental welfare. (ie., EGO)


Before your census commitment statement actually becomes a firmly empowered sub-conscious program, double check that you are fully aware of what consequences you have requested to be sent directly to you..

Ask yourself: “Have I taken possession of the intent that runs my life-support control center (Sub-conscious Mind) or am I still a slave to harmful corporate programs?”


What NLP is and how valuable it is to everyone’s life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the use of word-meanings, which describes how the language of our mind produces the qualities of our behavior and circumstances.

NLP takes the viewpoint of looking at “how” the system works, not why.

The most un-used official definition is that NLP is a powerful way to control and manipulate individuals and populations who support and rely on Ego-Belief Systems for security and sense of self. It is about world power!

In practical terms, NLP is about continuous success for its users.


If you understand anything about computers, you already understand something about how NLP works!

Computers are about man-machine interface. NLP is about mind-body interface. The entire process is very similar! Maybe it’s time to learn about your own personal computer …..your mind!

NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication systems.
NLP is the main method of controlling the thoughts and actions of whole populations.

Master language & communication
Always get agreement.
Get the information you want, when you want it.
Elegantly disagree with others, without offending them.
Uncover hidden agendas.
Get your point across without resistance.
Get your listener curious and interested.
Use metaphors and stories with a purpose. 
Gain total control of your life.
Eliminating negative emotions. Make the right decisions.
Get to know what you really want.
Get motivated and stay motivated. Create the kind of existence you really want.
Understand your own internal time machine and how it creates your future..
Eliminate limiting beliefs and decisions.
Learn how to visualize your existence so it’s more exciting.

NLP is out of the ‘corporate-control box-of-tricks’. Humanity’s time to get used to how it is already creating everyone’s life has arrived.

The Subconscious Mind, in accordance with stored and referenced ongoing thoughts feelings, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, expectations and other learned and programmed data originating within the Ego of rational Conscious Sphere of Mind activity during the current life experience, re-processes the data before outputting it to be displayed on the ‘screen’ of the Conscious Mind, which people then call their ‘experience’, ‘sense of being’,— – ‘their life’.


Think about how we are being conditioned and wasted by corporate Ego-controlled programs, introduced viruses, legal toxic and addictive drugs and food.

Think about how and why most people cannot look after their own health and happiness.

Think about how we are trained as children to respond to conflict with negative emotional response programs.

Think about how NLP and EFT are not freely taught to Earth’s citizenry and more importantly, why?

Think about deception and whether you are a corporate controlled victim/perpetrator.

Think about how you may think that your belief-based choices and opinions actually belong to you or whether they are externally possessed and controlled by deceptive marketing manipulations.
DEEP MASS HYPNOSIS” – Quote from Illuminati Matrix:

“Because we’re in a state of deep hypnosis, believing the 3D plane to be real, we are conditioned to view the birth of our children as wondrous miraculous events. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once we awake from the hypnotic trance and see the farce of the 3D illusion, events such as the birth experience are recognized for what they really are, that being, to perpetuate the illusion and veil of deceit. When we regain our awareness, we immediately return and reconnect to our original state. Not only will there be no more suffering, where the illusion of DEATH LOSES ITS STING, there will also be no more seduction through colour, shape and sound. This occurs, not just at the illusory moment of physical death, but RIGHT NOW, at the moment of EMOTIONAL DEATH and DISCONNECTION from accepting that the 3 dimensional experience is real. There will only be awareness RIGHT NOW.

“EGO THOUGHT IT KNEW SOMETHING!” Why should we then be concerned about losing something that’s not there in the first place? There are no numbers in the infinite awareness state. Everything in the 3 dimensional natural realm is based on Real Pi (3.141…with endless decimal numbers) and the Golden Mean, or Phi (1.618…with endless decimal numbers) which have no ability to support any religious, magical, geometric, mathematical, algebraic, chemical, astrological or numerological formula. Pi and Phi are concerned with light energy, which is the corrupting force in this physical realm, and is what the physical realm is totally formed of. Then, when the egregore thinking entities play the natural forces it created against the man made systems it also inspired, (a process called DUALITY), that incorporate the sacred geometric equations, the result is illusion of endless greed, death, disease and fear. To those in the illusory TRANCE STATE, the greed, death, disease and fear all seem totally real, yet, it remains a complete fabrication and separation from PRIME UNIVERSAL FACT.”

We do not need solutions to the ills of the world. We need to remove the cause of the problem and that is ignorance and arrogance. These are inseparable partners in the war on human awareness and innate intelligence. The foolishness of ignorance can only survive through the blindness of arrogance. They need each other for their mutual prosperity.
Einstein said: “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” Following the crowd is how we got up this creek with the paddle missing and to remove the cause of the problem we need a mass awakening of Mind to Consciousness, limitation to All Possibility. There are no limits to possibility, only a sense of the possible. We impose that on ourselves 
 thus we can also set ourselves free of such debilitating restriction.

Da Vinci said: ‘The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.’ Yes and what are opinions? They are only the result of personal background, prejudice and access to perceived knowledge, and yet they seamlessly morph into solidified ‘fact’. Most of science and almost all public perception of ‘fact’ is little more than opinion and assumption repeated into general acceptance. There is no way we can prevent what is planned for humanity unless the blinkers of belief are cast aside and the power of information and insight dictates our sense of reality instead of programmed perception. We can’t change the world until we change ourselves because the world is a collective expression of the human totality. You can have all the protest marches and demonstrations that you like, but without an expansion of awareness we will stay on the hamster wheel made possible only by programmed ignorance.

Currently, the vast majority of people are the victims of their own myopia and cannot see beyond their race, culture, religion, job, political preference, sexuality and societal programming. The few though fast growing in number  see all this as an irrelevant diversion from the big picture of global control and abuse of all races, cultures, religions, jobs, political preferences, sexualities and societal programs. They also see it as a diversion from the even greater truth that we are all ONE Awareness having different experiences.

This is Da Vinci’s point that humanity must learn to see and realize that everything connects to everything else. To the majority, a distorted perception based upon ignorance is the only truth, and knowledge and awareness is a heresy. Knowledge and awareness is dangerous to all authority because by definition it means that people are connecting the dots and seeing what they really are when connected together. Once the picture comes into focus all aspects of authority and the belief systems on which it stands come crashing down in an explosion of life-changing insight. If you are a cog, but see yourself and the other cogs as individuals doing your own thing, you will never see what is really going on. But once you see the machine then your perception is immediately transformed and the true nature of your daily existence becomes blindingly obvious.

Education, science, medicine, politics and media are all founded on a belief in the known. The known is basically the holographic realm of what is called the physical world, and the unknown is the unseen infinity of waveform information and pure consciousness from which the holographic illusion is decoded and made manifest. The known is the domain of the five senses  can I see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it? These questions therefore become the arbiters of perceived existence or non-existence. Education is about teaching the known to the next generation of programmed ‘knowers’ while academics, scientists and doctors are looked upon in awe because they are perceived to know more than others about the known. But what is this ‘known’? It is what they believe is known, what they have been told is known and nothing more. It was known that the Earth was flat and this ‘known’ was preached and imposed upon generations galore in the great centres of alleged ‘education’; but it was wrong all the same. The known is only ‘I believe it is known’ but it is the very foundation of human society. You can only truly learn by uncovering the unknown. Everything else is repeating.

When your job, status and even sense of self and security come from the known there is a built-in incentive to ignore or trash the unknown. The known fears the unknown because the more the unknown reveals its secrets the more the known loses its omnipotence and dominance of perception. How funny this is when what is perceived as the known is only a decoded figment of the unknown’s imagination. The dream is the dreamer but can only see the dream. The known is the unknown but can only see the known. This ‘known’, the holographic illusion, is where people invent and worship their beliefs while the realms of waveform and pure Consciousness connect everything as One. The control system demands for its very survival that the mentality of ignorance be constantly maintained and so ‘visionaries’ have always been sought out and targeted by the authorities of the day. True visionaries are so immensely threatening to the prevailing order which needs to lasso human perception and tie it to the hologram.

These are some definitions of ‘normal’:
 Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical.

 Relating to or characterized by average intelligence or development.

 Free from mental illness; sane.

So ‘normal’ is conforming to a standard or typical pattern. But what dictates and constitutes ‘standard and typical’? The perceptions and behaviour of the majority. It is the majority’s perceptions and behaviour that become the standard and typical ‘normal’. The term is also ‘characterised by average intelligence or development’ and so to be above average intelligence makes you abnormal. And here’s the punch line … to be normal is to be ‘free from mental illness; sane’. Everything is inverted as usual. To be free from mental illness and sane is to conform with, adhere to, or constitute a norm, standard, pattern, level or type; typical; and to relate or be characterised by average intelligence or development. But how do they define average intelligence or development? It is the average compared with all the others who believe only in the perceived known. Those that see beyond the ‘known’ are, by definition, too intelligent to be considered ‘normal’, but not normal enough to be considered ‘free from mental illness; sane’. It’s hysterical.

If you are born into a madhouse, and you know nothing else, then madness to you is normal. It is still crazy, but it’s normal crazy masquerading as sanity. Welcome to Planet Earth, a standard, typical, normal, madhouse where civilians are bombed to protect them from violence, children starve in a world of plenty, people borrow money that doesn’t exist and pay interest on it, food is a form of poison and the inmates can’t see how comprehensively they are been shafted because they are too busy following their football team and watching Eastenders and X Factor. To grasp what is really going on here we have to disconnect the terms ‘sane’ and ‘normal’ because they are not at all interchangeable; and we have to realize that what is termed ‘normal’ is an advanced form of insanity. Once people get that, everything makes sense and falls into place. Don’t try to make sense of the world on the basis that the world is sane and therefore try to work out why intelligent people would make decisions that cause daily death, destruction, suffering and deprivation. The people making those decisions are mad and demented, and that is why their actions are mad and demented. Those tracts of the population that support those actions and can make rational sense of them are an extension of the same madness and dementia. It is simple cause and effect. The world is mad because those running the world and much of the population are in a state of madness. The point is, though, that they don’t have to be.

Madness is only extreme myopia and ignorance and both are the creation of a closed and padlocked mind. Open your mind beyond myopia and ignorance and this madness will take care of itself. Gone. This process is far simpler than people believe (what you believe you perceive and what you perceive you experience). It means only to open your sense of the possible to All Possibility. Most people have a belief system and anything outside of that must prove itself (on their terms) to be possible. In other words, All Possibility is constantly on trial with the belief system as the judge. How about taking All Possibility as the norm and making anything that speaks of the impossible justify itself? Running a mile in four minutes was considered impossible until someone did it by a fraction and then many others followed in the knowledge  the belief  that it could be done. Humanity’s sense of the possible and obsession with the impossible are the greatest enslavers of real progress.

The foundation of any challenge to control must be, has to be and cannot be anything else but the opening and awakening of Mind to Consciousness outside the Matrix. Without that we should go home and do what we can to prepare for the inevitable extremes of the tyranny that is heading our way so quickly. People can stockpile all the weapons they like, organise all the protests they like and attack the Control System all they like, but in the end it won’t matter. The Control System is what it is and what it is becoming because the mass of humanity is trapped in the perceptions of Mind. The controllers are mind parasites, after all. But they cannot parasitize, manipulate and programme Consciousness because it is well out of their range. Believers in religion, politics and mainstream science are all underpinning the Control System agenda by falling for their game their mind game.

The character in the Matrix trilogy, called the Trainman, said of his domain:
”You don’t get it. I built this place. Down here I make the rules. Down here I make the threats. Down here, I’m God.’

It was in these terms that the Gnostics described our world in relation to the Demiurge and the Archons. When you are entrapped in the five senses, and their associated mind, your perception of reality is what the Archons tell you it is. The Control System can only have any effect in the realm of the mind and the ‘physical’ senses. Once you open to All Possibility, your point of attention  of perception  expands into the realms of Consciousness. From there the game is so easy to understand, but without that understanding how can anyone make an informed and effective judgement on how to respond to the global situation that we face?

Self-identity is the key to everything. You are the All That Is, All-Knowing, All Possibility. But your attention is currently focused on a tiny range of frequency called visible light and that focus is given names and labels like John and Amy, Caucasian and Jew, rich and poor.


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