May 06 2013

Some Notes from Grossinger

Waiting for the Martian Express

Waiting for the Martian Express

Reading through Richard Grossinger’s book Waiting for the Martian Express: Cosmic Visitiors, Earth Warriors, Luminous Dreams, and struck by a number of things.

Quotes below:

“The marketed New Age is at best a series of well-meaning simplifications and at worst a hustle and a fraud made possible by those simplifications.” (p. 12)

“Harmonic convergences are counterproductive to the degree that they distract people from the real issues. They are like Fourth of July celebrations and rock concerts – on the calendar mainly to promote ideology and commerce.”  (p. 13).

“In our imaginary (cumulative) New Age holy book, life (and the universe) are a Gothic tale with plots and subplots (including angels, extraterrestrials, Atlanteans, intelligent sea mammals, Yetis, Indian guides, spirits taking turns taking over bodies and speaking oracularly, magical temples, messages left in pyramids, multidimensional travel, past-life evolution, the Second Coming, and the like). The New Age is not yet a commitment to the unknown nature of reality, or our own novel experience; it is a screenplay for events that have supposedly been programmed and foreshadowed, narrated to us by those who have already lived. This kind of on-high prophecy seems pretentious and elitist in the face of our actual condition.” (pp. 12-13).

“The motivation behind New Age millennialism is supsiciously self-serving. Even if some of the apocalyptic scenarios intend to accelerate our evolution and rescue the whole planet, others have the same mean-spirited impetus as right-wing religious propaganda and chain letters: the faithful can barely wait for catastrophe because they expect to be its beneficiaries.” (p. 15)

“In addition, the various rescues by aliens, earthquakes, and economic collapses that have partial New Age allegiance (depending upon one’s affiliations) are denials of the complexity and commitment of life. It is not that they couldn’t happen; it is that they are not real. The biological process that underlies this world is profound and serious and represents a covenant with the divine force; it cannot be abrogated from other dimensions. If there is a macrocosm and a microcosm, these are not separated by great walls  or even master geometries; they are joined a billion times more intimately than the minute branching and impregnation of nerves and flesh.” (p. 15).

“It is unclear whether the sources of ‘spirit’ messages are truly external and if external whether they are located on this planet, but additionally there is the problem of their content which is either overly pat and cliched or utterly obscure – leading one to question why any evolved being would go through the trouble to initiate such communications. Given the obvious difference between any embodied and disembodied worlds, real transmissions from spirits and the dead should be succinct and pithy. Yet you can find material identical to most of this channeling of multithousand-year-old beings in any second-rate metaphysics or theosophy book from the last five hundred years.” (pp. 15-16)

“If someone is dead, is he or she necessarily wiser?…The implication that the glimpse beyond death is so enlightening it lone transcends any earthly enlightenment tends to trivialize both this life and the fact of dying…” (p. 16).

“There is nothing malign or even unenlightened about these communications; they are in fact good gospel, but at the same time static, impersonal, and sanctimonious. They don’t grapple. They suggest that the path has been provided…If the cosmos is presented as a finished thesis in a mediumistic context, then authority takes precedent over experience. And there is no place to go with such law, no way to generate new form and experience. Only when there is a feeling of unfathomable mystery and a sense of wonder do we change and affect the world.” (pp. 16-17)

Grossinger, Richard. (1989) Waiting for the Martian Express: Cosmic Visitiors, Earth Warriors, Luminous Dreams. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.


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