Apr 12 2021

Ssft Google Agreement

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Predikly is a Silicon Valley data innovation and robotic process automation (RPA) company. The partnership agreement will accelerate technologies and solutions for Intelligent Process Automation (IAP). Sonasoft Corp. recently entered into an agreement with Google (Nasdaq: GOOGL). Sonasoft will be involved in the development of services and products for Google Cloud Learning Systems Sonasoft, Corp., (OTCQB: SSFT), was the biggest trading penny action of the day today, with a squire of 96.40% after an early morning 8-K bid showed that the company has reached an agreement with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL). The 8-K did not go into any particular details, except to mention that “Sonasoft will be involved in the development of services and products for Google Cloud Learning Systems.” Needless to say, Sonasoft is a Penny stock that has previously flown a little under the radar, this brief announcement in the 8-K submission was enough to annoy Penny`s equity investors about the potential for the company`s growth and pushed this day to its biggest volume day of all time. The news that many sonasoft Corp (SSFT) shareholders have been waiting for has finally arrived. Sonasoft has signed a contract with Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). In a brief statement to the SEC, Sonasoft said: Subscribe to our Penny Stock Alerts as a platinum member in order to get early access to our best tips. Subscribe to our blog below to get the latest articles published on the blog.

PLEASE NOTE WELL: Employee pennystockdream.com are not registered as investment advisors in any jurisdiction. It`s really good, considering there was a 100% race yesterday! Had a bit of a jump today, but recovered well in the last hour of trading. We look forward to next week. Most uniform AI platforms use pre-processed data and try to extract narrow features from it. They are inherently biased because a human being has filtered the data he has posted. In addition, this data is simply a snapshot in time. The models produced by such a system are correct, but they are not always as robust as they should be, and in complex scenarios they can collapse. Google DeepMind offers an alternative approach that relies on complex deep learning algorithms to enable people to overtake in many tasks. However, DeepMind needs huge computing power, which is largely out of reach for most companies.

On the other hand, NuGene allows businesses of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of a single AI platform. Our posts can provide hyperlinks to third-party sites or access to third-party content.


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